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Rarest Platinum of 2016


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We're almost halfway through the year and I'm surprised this thread doesn't already exist. So let's all band together and share our rarest plats so far!


Sadly my rarest plat so far is;



Ether One

Validation 40-platinum.png

Rarity 11.81 %, Earned 24th April



I hope to change this fairly soon though


If you want to share your rarest plat of 2015, check this thread out by the graceful Razza



EDIT: So I did get to change this after all just forget about posting it here at the time :P


I now got COD Black Ops III (PS4), my third rarest platinum overall too :D

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As of right now it is the game that took me the longest to plat out of all my games I believe. 

(Has the potential to change due to a few games in my backlog)


Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes


Samurai Hero 


April 19th

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40-platinum.pngPlatinum Trophy- 0.83% UR
You Unlocked All Trophies!


I feel like it was yesterday that I unlocked this one. The year has gone by really fast.

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