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How many platinums do you average a year?

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According to my statistics i've been gaming on PS3 since 2011 so it's around 5 years of gaming with trophiesand in totali have 24 platinums right now but only on the last 3 yeas i've begin trophy hunting .


24 / 5 = 4,8 


That's nearly 5 platinums per year  :hmm:

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88 ÷ 4.5 = 19.5555555556


Ignoring the odd plat I've done on someone else's account, if you count the ones on my other accounts, I have 10 on my replay account, and another 6 on my 100% account at the moment, so 104 ÷ 4.5 = 23.1


But those accounts don't count, so go with the first figure.

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I started at the end of 2012, so let say 3 3/4 years.


35 : 3.75 = 9 platinums a year.


Not bad when you keep in mind that I've only earned one plat in 2012.


I also have a couple of games with only one trophy unlocked. 

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115 Plats / 2.67 Years = 43.07 Plats a year.


Want to make it a solid 50. I'll slow down soon enough I guess.

Great Numbers by some of you guys. Consistency! 7 years!! OH MY! B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  B)  <3

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I'll round up a little to 7.5 years. So 129/7.5 = 17.2 plats. 


17 Plats a year sounds about right. I only had 18 plats after 3 years but then my numbers started going up. I earned 62 plats in 2014 and 2015 combined. I'm at 13 plats so far this year after 5 months, meaning I'm on pace for 31 plats on the year. And that's the amount of plats I've averaged the previous 2 years.


Hehe, I love stats :P

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26/1.5 = 17.33

first got a ps3 mid december 2014
2014 = 1
2015= 12
2016= 13 so far
Was  kind of on and off about trophy hunting in 2015 and played more non-PS games. Now its where a game having a short and/or easy plat can be a soul incentive to buy it (sound shapes).


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