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ANOTHER Short Plat List?!?!?!

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If this game is 99 cents, I'll play it for a plat. I don't see how that would diminish the value of, say, my Rogue Legacy plat or, say, my Bit.Trip plat.


A diversion with trophies popping every second is sometimes just what the doctor ordered (particularly after slogging through 30000 kills for Arumat, only to realize that you're still more than 15000 Edge kills short).

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What I don’t get is as long as you don't say that everybody plays for different reasons some are going to push you into this “ignorant person” corner. Also some are going to be mad that you even brought up a topic about easy plats, cause they read threads like this a million times and don’t consider that some are new to this site or don’t pay as much attention to every new post.


It became almost impossible to discuss different gaming habits. So if you are into this thing called trophy hunting for quite some time and realize that something has changed over the years, do not try to bring that up too much here. 


Anything that changes within your hobby affects you somehow. If your favorite sports team buys new players you want to exchange with others. If your favorite band changed their style from metal to pop you want to exchange with others and so on…

Just be careful when noticing any different behavior within the trophy hunting community, the majority are going to ignore it and make you feel like you just stated the most stupid thing.


While everybody clearly has different aims when it comes to gaming it can’t be denied that trophies, amongst other things, were implemented to give players a challenge and something that makes it worth it – a platinum.

On XBOX they even call it ACHIEVEMENTS (can you believe that).

Sure, outside this community these little digital images mean nothing but within this community they do. Or at least did.


Players had to EARN or ACHIEVE them. Due to games like 4k puzzle showdown, My Name is Mayo and so on, that’s not the case anymore. And no, stuff like Terminator Salvation and Hannah Montana are not the exact same phenomenon. They made a cash grab out of the franchise and put trophies on top of it, so these games were “abused” for their easy trophy lists. This new generation of trash sells their “games” with the only purpose of giving out platinums in no time with no effort. They even advertise it that way. This contradicts with what many people think trophy hunting was about.


This forum used to encourage players to try certain tasks or even whole games. And partly they still do. Super Meat Boy for instance has an awesome thread. Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore on a bigger scale.


It is totally fine to state that Uncharted is the best game ever and everybody should play it. But don’t you dare to say that My Name in Mayo is the worst thing on PSN and that you don’t get how anyone can even play this.

It is easier to say that everyone loves different things and get a ton of likes for that, than trying to discuss what changed within this community and why so many people don’t seem to care anymore, avoid challenges, leave out “quality” games for the sake of an easy plat etc. I have the feeling that any question that deals with a different gaming habit and the lack of understanding for it is mistaken as some sort of ignorant or hate post.


The “value” of a platinum is watering down for quite some time now. I have the feeling that you are supposed to recognize the platinum in My name is Mayo as much as the platinum in Catherine.

 Countless threads were brought up about this topic and it always reads like this:


-        Play whatever you want

-        This thread is cancer

-        A platinum is a platinum (my personal favorite)

-        Play what makes you happy

-        Don’t care what others say

-        People play games for their own reasons

-        Just trophy hunt for yourself not for others

-        Trophies are different things to different people

-        Ignore the others and keep playing anything you like and have fun with it


So if you see any thread where a member wonders about the amount of crappy games, the high numbers of players who play them or eas lists in general, write something like the mentioned sentences above and drown in likes without actually talking about the brought up perception. Additionally lay the focus on the one who made the post about this being an issue.


I know that some things sound hard and maybe I am overreacting but I have the feeling that some things actually did change for the worse in our community.

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6 hours ago, Mr_Skirra said:

People complain about short lists all the time but not about the 600 japanese visual novels that take 30 minutes to platinum as well.


Trophy hunters from 2008 that get mad over these lists? Stick to your hard game - apparently you just want quality/hard trophies. Thats fine. 


Quantity trophy hunters? Get the game, its another number. If not because you feel scared the people here will start nagging about having it in your list - buy another steins gate. 


Let people do what people want. In the end we all go for trophies, but how you do it and what you play is individual. 

Hey, Steins Gate is a beautiful VN and not everyone plays it solely for trophies. (Just look at the time to plat ;) )


OT: Wouldn't touch this game (or its trophies) with a 10-foot pole. 

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11 minutes ago, Beyondthegrave07 said:

Hey, Steins Gate is a beautiful VN and not everyone plays it solely for trophies. (Just look at the time to plat ;) )


OT: Wouldn't touch this game (or its trophies) with a 10-foot pole. 

I know, I wasn't disliking that game or visual novels in general at all. Heck, I love me some telltale games to unwind so that would be quite hypocrite of me. Its just the comparison between easy or fast games that people hate on. Some are just hated on and others arent. Just like the discussion why same games have a platinum and others don't. I love games in general and I try to play a little bit of everything (and then complete it) :)

6 hours ago, Terra said:

Visual novels shouldn't be skipped, even if they are in Japanese. I always have google translate on hand for those situations.

Again, I wasn't hating on those novels, I love telltale games as well! I just think its unfair that some short lists or easy games get hated on while others don't. It's useless. My point was just, there are a lot of different types of trophy hunters and each has their own playstyle. We just have two things in common - we game and we love trophies.

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6 hours ago, MMDE said:



This is true. I was talking about non-platinum 100%s. :P And I actually hit 189 non-platinum 100%s, but some I got like 3 base game 100%s where I miss the DLC trophies, so I like to count it as like 192 or something. :) And yes, this is looking away from games with platinum.


5 hours ago, Elvick_ said:

I'm too lazy to count that~

Two rival sites that I use (one Brazilian and one international) offer a counting feature for it. The international site offers a completed base game total, so it also includes platinums. You could subtract your total plats from that number for your non-plat base game completions. The Brazilian site is in Portuguese, but it counts the base game completions separately. If you understand Portuguese or have a half-decent translator, you can navigate the site easily. I won't name the sites on this thread, if you were thinking of asking for their names.


There is also that suggestion we've made for it here... but it's unlikely to come to this site.



OT: Maybe wait for the game to be out to judge it?

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Brought this game today from the NA PSN store. Very quick and easy platinum. There where a couple of frustrating trophies which took me several tries to complete, they where "Handful of babies and "Can't touch this" trophies, even on easy mode something would always go wrong. Also trying to grab the babies wouldn't always work which resulted me messing up and having to start again.


Anyway i'm happy, another platinum added to my collection.





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1 hour ago, fuzzyonlineus said:

with 1 controller ?




One Controller and 4 accounts total.


Switch User on the select screen. A hand will show up for each user.


Note, that you will be limited to the middle of the screen. Can't move far left and far right. Best to gently hold and drop the baby. 


If you hold for too long, you get stunned. 




Biggest Pain is the 4 baby caring trophy....they move all over the place. Hit detection with multiple objects or near the door can be poor. 


Try to use patterns in your favor.


If the baby gets to far left or right...if a UFO/Eagle goes the other way I let them grab the baby.  I can take back when to goes back to the middle.


Cats/Robbers...finish off fast. Cats can move randomly and they grab muiltiple times. Robbers once, unless you pick up the baby and drop it at them. Which happends...damm baloons or other abductors get near the robber.


Everything else seems easy.


Could take 1-2 hours....depending how focused you are. 


The Windows are good clues for who is coming out from what door. You can prepare and plan where to set the babies up.

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There is one trophy on the game that is actually difficult and requires effort so I feel the game does deserve a platinum. ‘Handful of Babies’ trophy is a bitch.

On 28/08/2017 at 11:08 AM, Miles_Warren said:

Forget about the short trophy list, I'm more concerned with the requirements for unlocking "The Efficient Sitter"


"Successfully babysit without ever having exhausted your hand"


WTH? Maybe my mind is just in the gutter but that is an odd requirement....

You have to play the game to understand.

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