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Girl Gamer Newbie :)


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My friend thinks you're really cool, but he's pretty shy. Feel free to send him as many messages as you want (seriously, send him like nineteen) telling him all about anything at all! Here's his profile: Faust


Be sure to tell him I sent you!

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Hi and welcome to the forum! I'm Bee :)

Really Bee? Hollywood? or Holywood?


Greetings and welcome to PSNP...I haven't been a girl since the last operation... :blush:


anyway... :blah:  and all that...


Here is your random welcome video link...enjoy B)


Damn you old man thats 22 and a half minutes of my life that I am never going to get back again!

Oh, Welcome Amy. Don't feed the animals and be sure to stay away from Beautiful Torment. He may be beautiful (not sure tho, never seen him with out the gimp mask) but he certainly will torment you....

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