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Free Spider-Man Avatar for platinuming the game


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That took quite some time for the EU PSN members. This one has the platinum border and trophy which looks nice I think. They should have given both the one without the border as well for such a long wait.


Still waiting on the God of War platinum avatar for NA PSN members. ?


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6 hours ago, Caesar Clown said:

Anyone from Canada get one or are we left out?


Canada here. I didn't get the email back in October. I had to contact Sony via chat support and was given the code.


Right now, the avatars are being distributed to other regions minus North America.

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On 11/1/2018 at 10:54 AM, MisterPee said:




Follow link —> live chat in US —> digital content —> voucher —> contact us


This will put you in a chat room with a PlayStation customer support employee. I just did this and he game me a code only after asking my real name. Took less than 5 minutes.


This worked for me thanks! I'm in Canada so I'm pretty sure everyone can get it

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7 minutes ago, Jayy_Se7en said:

How many days do you have to wait before you receive an email from PS for that avatar? I completed it today. 
I love an extra reward for getting Platinum. 


I got the platinum the night of July 4th and I got the email the morning of the 6th. 

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