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Hope it’s great - this will really be the make or break for the series I suppose - if it’s a great one, Andromeda can be dismissed as an anomaly, and quietly forgotten about. If it is a big disappointment, then it will be the final step in the “tragic downfall of a once great franchise and a once great studio”


I, for one, think it’s perfectly possible it could go either way, and I wish the devs the best of luck - They have a heck of a tough task on their hands, but I’m sure they know that already!

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I will be getting the remasters when they come out as I am huge fan of the trilogy, Andromeda was ok it but was a bit repetitive and wasted potencial in characters that could have been fun to explore but just fell flat.


I will be getting the next installment of both ME and DA, I wish they end up being awesome, but I am not holding my breath for it or even willing to buy it at launch unless something really blows my mind.

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On 11/7/2020 at 5:44 PM, SnowxSakura said:

Bioware has multiple teams, the dragon age guys made andromeda, so they're probably working on dragon age now

What? I didn't know that. I SO want DA4 to be good, it's my favorite franchise. 


Now I won't be able to sleep as the "My face is tired" memes in my head will be making me laugh all night.:o 

1 hour ago, kidson2004 said:

Shoot, here’s hoping for a remake of DA1&2

Not going to lie, that would be amazing. As long as the DA1 character models remain as charming as they were first time round.  


Also please keep "No, I cannot. I'm afraid not. It cannot be done".


DA2 had a great atmosphere, if they could redo it whilst retaining the mood and without reusing the same locations, that would be pretty sweet. 


Platting these games again would be epic. DA1 is one of my favorite games of all time.


However, I would like DA4 to come out tomorrow as soon as possible first. And be good. Please Bioware don't screw this up, this is pretty much the only upcoming game I really care about currently. 

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