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The Evil Within IP is Re-registered for "Continued Use"


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8 minutes ago, monteblommie said:

Imagine being shinji mikami and your studios games wont ever get bought in japan again because its stuck on xbox.

Must suck pretty bad.


I for one will just upgrade my pc in the future if it turns out microsoft has new quality games.

I heard Xbox is doing well in Japan now though. 

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3 hours ago, DEI2EK said:




  1. Switch – 170,898 (15,981,320)
  2. Switch Lite – 65,130 (3,771,281)
  3. PlayStation 5 – 44,960 (595,871)
  4. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 8,680 (116,547)
  5. PlayStation 4 – 2,584 (7,783,139)
  6. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 1,027 (1,163,587)
  7. Xbox Series X – 808 (32,060)
  8. Xbox Series S – 399 (10,537)


I think that isn't accurate. I heard Xbox Series X has sold over 10 million in Japan and its taking Japan by storm. Game Pass is taking the world by storm and people are now converting from PlayStation to Xbox now. Microsoft are a trillion dollar company because of Game Pass ?

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Tango Gameworks Is Already Developing Its Next Game After Ghostwire: Tokyo

Headed up by the director of The Evil Within 2.


As fans continue to wait for the release of Ghostwire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks, studio founder Shinji Mikami has revealed another new title is already in the works, and it's being led by Evil Within 2's director. 


Mikami appeared in a video with Xbox head Phil Spencer as part of Microsoft's livestream event during the first day of Tokyo Game Show and hinted at a new title, saying that John Johanas, the director of The Evil Within 2, is working on it. 


Mikami mentioned Johanas when prodded by Spencer to talk about the Tango Gameworks’ philosophy of fostering young new talent: "Right now John is in the middle of working energetically on a new game," Mikami told Spencer.


Mikami did not drop any further hints on what type of game Johanas may be working on. Due to Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda Softworks' parent company, ZeniMax Media, and its studios last year, it's likely whatever title Johanas is hard at work on is being developed with Xbox platforms in mind. 


Johanas has been with Tango Gameworks since August 2010 and was the visual effects designer for the 2014 survival horror title The Evil Within. Johanas served as director for the game's two DLC offerings.




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4 minutes ago, Batmannequin said:

It would make sense for Microsoft to push for a third.


A Shinji exclusive horror game would be a boon for Xbox in Japan


A Shinji exclusive horror game yes, but not a third game in a series that doesn't generate that much money, especially on the xbox. or maybe they ignore the 3 in the title and call it something else (like monster hunter world) so people without the knowledge don't feel the need to play the first two games (and in conclusion: don't play any of them at all)


I just hate to see sequels beeing locked as exclusives... microsoft did that with rise of the tomb raider (timed at least), they are doing it with hellblade (and I FUCKING hate it because I adored the first one) and there will be more... I don't count games like Elder Scrolls or Fallout because each new game has nearly no ties to it's predecessor (yeah, yeah... the big overall narrative in the background only harcore nerds care about...), but taking away upcoming parts of a story? just bullshit


did sony ever do this? if yes, it's also shitty

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I've got a series x so even if it's exclusive I'll still be able to check it out.  People should know that Microsoft is more  about establishing dominance in games as a service with gamepass than consoles. How many Xbox units they sell doesn't mean much now, it's all about gamepass subscriptions. I imagine they'll try to  push to put the service on Nintendo and even Sony platforms at some point.

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"Ghostwire: Tokyo" Was Originally "The Evil Within 3"


Some of The Evil Within's DNA is still evident in this spooky action-adventure game




February 4, 2022


When Ghostwire: Tokyo was first announced in meme-worthy fashion at E3 2019, former creative director Ikumi Nakamura said it was not going to be a survival-horror game like Tango Gameworks' previous games -The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2. However, the spoooooky action-adventure game actually began its life as The Evil Within 3, and some of that game's essence lives on in the paranormal first-person action of Ghostwire: Tokyo.


GameSpot recently got the chance to see a hands-off demonstration of Ghostwire: Tokyo, where we learned from the development team that prior to taking is current form, the game was planned as The Evil Within 3 before changing enough to warrant a new IP.


Much like the psychological horror of The Evil Within, and especially its sequel, Ghostwire: Tokyo features morphing, shifting rooms that will both disorient you and keep you on your toes… or on your head, as an entire room can flip like the house in "Scooby-Doo Meets Batman." The difference here is that supernatural spells from cultists are to blame for the changing environments rather than a deeply broken mind trying to protect itself from further trauma, but Ghostwire: Tokyo appears to be playing to the studio's strengths without feeling like it's treading the exact same ground as its predecessors.


Just how far Tango Gameworks is going to push the boundaries of its game design remains to be seen, as The Evil Within and its sequel were themselves two very different games. While the original felt largely like a tribute to Resident Evil 4 with a little Saw-style sadism thrown in, The Evil Within 2 was more experimental, including several sections that weren't even survival-horror and instead explored past events in more passive ways. It was a creative leap that made the sequel a far stronger game, and it's exciting to see a studio that has clearly hit its stride and is no longer bound to what has worked in the past.


Ghostwire: Tokyo is out March 25 for PS5 and PC. 

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Founder and studio head Shinji Mikami to leave Tango Gameworks

Tango Gameworks' founder and CEO, Shinji Mikami, is set to leave the studio after more than 12 years with the developer.




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