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Street Fighter 6 - 92 on Metacritic


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I used to adore Street Fighter back in the Genesis days, and played the hell out of Street Fighter Alpha 2 on PS1. But when I got Street Fighter IV for PS3, there was just something about it I didn't like, they made things WAY too complicated and it really became a game made for die hard, hardcore fighting game fans who do nothing but play fighting games all day...it just wasn't for me. Haven't touched the franchise since, likely won't play this either. 


Fighting games went from one of my favorite genres when I was a kid, to one of my least played as an adult (outside of DBZ games). 

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So it's been announced.  No surprise really, as there was never any doubt that it was coming eventually.


But why the hell does Ryu get so much bigger with every new SF iteration?  Seriously, he just looks like Zangief in this trailer!  Street Fighter has never had the most realistic proportions for its characters, but this just looks ridiculous.


Anyway, we know that Ryu and Luke are in it, and it has a shite logo which will obviously be redesigned later on.  Nothing to get worked up for at this stage.

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There's no way that's going to be the final logo. With Ryu getting so big... what will Alex look like this time? I'd prefer that SF6 turns out to be a sequel to SF3 3rd Strike, with a 3D version of Twelve. As for paid extra characters, let's hope they don't go overboard this time. SNK did a couple 4-character packs in KOF XIV, and that was it.- you got most of the roster with the base game. Capcom should follow that lead.

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  • 3 months later...

- Open-world single player content in Metro City (?)

- 2vs2 mode (?)

- Chun-Li and Jamie (new character) confirmed

- Chun-Li's acolyte (?) playable or NPC?

- new challenger Kimberly

- multiplayer hub

- parry

- focus and red focus (SFIV) ?

- so many colors / SFIV ink vibes

- Damnd (Final Fight) boss? openworld boss?




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I hope this is like the Mortal Kombat spin off Shaolin Monks! That's kind of the impression I got. 

I don't play fighting games too much because the meat of the game is online and I just don't care for that. But I'd I can spend a lot of time free roaming or whatever, maybe it would be worth a try. 

Any sign of NFT's or MTX or F2P mechanics and I'll easily skip it entirely, though.

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