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PS4 System Update breaks Playstation Plus?


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So I just this second installed latest PS4 System Update because I want to play Elden Ring with the latest patch (which also came out today)


So trying to start Elden Ring it says it can't find Playstation Plus. "Could not verify Playstation Plus Subscription"


PS+ is available on the dashboard, so I tried downloading this month's games (I have none) from the store


I was able to grab "Team Sonic Racing" but then it never starts downloading, just stays at 0%.


I tried restarting my PS4 and it's still the same.


Anything weird happened to anyone else?



Ok, it might just be an Elden Ring issue....




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Affecting my mate on PS5 too so not just a PS4 issue....

FromSoftware telling us to git gud and stop playing in coop then, I guess? lol


Look on the bright side! I can still play Elden Ring as it's not riddled with game breaking DRM shite


Big wave and greets going out to Gran Turismo 7 fans!

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I had already updated my PS4 before seeing this thread (I don't own a PS5), and after a quick check I was able to upload a save to the cloud, but I wasn't able to access FC5's Arcade mode while I was able to before the update. It now redirects me to a page wanting me to buy PS+. It still shows I have an active subscription on my PS4 though. I didn't check to see if I could download any PS+ games though.

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3 minutes ago, Conker said:

Utterly useless Sony are to have a major issue like this from a update


It wasn't the update that caused it. Before I updated the PS5, I couldn't upload saves or play any online game.

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