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                                                                                                 Difficultly rating: 6/10


An enjoyable game that took quite a while to complete, very happy it was free for PlayStation Plus as it gives everyone a chance to play this awesome game!


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:platinum: #155

Dying: Reborn (PS4 EU)


:platinum: #156

Dying: Reborn (PS Vita EU)


:platinum: #157

Dying: Reborn (PS4 NA)


Dying: Reborn is a first-person horror puzzle game that can be platinumed in less than two hours if you are following a guide. I played three different versions of it today and got myself 3 platinums in about 6 hours :yay:


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My latest platinum? That would be the one in Fairy Fencer F. Yeah, THAT game. The one made by people responsible for Hyperdimension Neptunia series. My anger caused by this game got only reinforced by the fact that I've been having problems with loging into PSN (seriously, f*ck you Sony, in the arse! No, no lube). But, back to the game. It's ... not as good as some people say and not as bad as the other claim. Graphics are... ok, I guess. Just your typical, run-of-the-mill anime characters. Mechanics are pretty easy to grasp. Story... oh dear. Yeah, that's where most people seem to have a problem. Design of the characters may seem nice enough, but most (all?) of them are f*ckin' idiots! Walking into obvious traps, doing something 'just becouse', love story stars out of nowhere ("Anime was a mistake", seriously)... yeah, don't expect anything deep. Good thing is I've seen some clips from the game around the time it came out, so I knew what to expect. Let me just say this - It's not a BAD game. Just don't expect anything out of the ordinary. Getting the 100% is easy enough. There's basically only one trophy ("Get 100 Milion Gold") that you'll hve to REALLY grind for (It took me about 30hrs to get, but I've heard that DLC could help with it. I've been playing with out it). If you're able to get it really cheap (and with most/all DLC), then yeah, sure, go ahead. It's gonna be a fast and easy platinum. Otherwise, if you want a good RPG.... stay away. Fairy Fencer F is to RPGs what Sailor Moon Crystal is to Sailor Moon or Berserk 2016 to original Berserk. Well, you get what what I'm sayin' :)



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Plat #9




Validation - Ether One


My piece of advice for this game... SAVE AFTER EVERY PROJECTOR!!!! Oh, man save often... I lost about 4 hours of playtime because I wasn't smart with my saves. I ended up using each slot for a different projector and kept overwriting the oldest one. Be diligent with your saving and you'll get through this game. Honestly, I think only the last projector is truly glitched... the others are just VERY specific as to how you do things. Oh, and delete the patch in order to get the last projector. Other than that it was a pretty easy game to plat.


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