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11 hours ago, Vytautas20 said:


interesting, It seemed like the worst in series. Story is very bad with searching those sister sof fate all the time. And length is streched for too long. Difficulty is not ballanced at all even on normal. GW1 was better, not by much but better. Now I'm playing 3 and its much better than any previous game in the series.


Honestly, GW1 bored me to tears. You spent half the game in the city of Athens, which was nice, then the other half you're pretty much stuck in a same-y temple on Cronos' back. GW2 eventually got repetitive with the temples, but running across the chains to the Steeds of Fate blew me away unlike anything in GW1 ever did. And compared to battles in GW2 (for example, the intro fight against that giant statue), the boss battle of GW1 was just sorta underwhelming. Two giant dudes fighting < one tiny dude fighting a guy 100x his size imo.



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The Raven - PS3 (#91)


Pretty good mystery. Enjoyed how the story was presented and unfolded. Perhaps a bit slow, but it plays into the story well.


A solid, straight-forward point and click game with a couple technical flaws. The crash detection was a bit annoying, running into oversized hit boxes or falling thru seams in the floor, forcing a reload got frustrating. 


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3 hours ago, Kristycism said:

:platinum:#35: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Borderland Defender Round 1.5


I have very mixed feelings on this game.  I hadn't played a Borderlands game before, but loved Battleborn (controversial, I know), so I figured I'd love this, and everyone I spoke to in the Battleborn community said it was basically blasphemy that I hadn't played Borderlands yet, and that I'd definitely love it.  But it was just....alright, nothing special.


The campaign took itself too seriously for the most part, and the humour was only here and there.  It's not that I particularly DISliked the game, it's just that I didn't like it as much as I was told I would.


Then comes the trophies, and these were what really soured the experience for me.  The grind to level 50 was dull.  Really dull.  You have to repeat the same story again or do a lot of grinding, and it was just...un-fun.  And the fact you're forced to play as each of the four characters (although it's easy enough to use a second account to boost yourself up to higher levels to get the three you didn't choose up to their required levels) is annoying.  I swear, more of my time in the game was spent after completing it for the first time (with all side missions done).  That's just...I don't like when games do that, especially when the gameplay is just standard shooter, nothing special that makes it fun where you'd want to keep going.


Meh. It's done now.  I'll get to 2 at some point (did I play them in the wrong order? idk), but I need a break first.

The presequel was trash imo.

Ok maybe not completely trash but it's no borderlands 2 by a very long shot.(I never played borderlands 1, I really gotta get around to it).


Don't forget to play Tiny Tinas DLC, it's the last dlc for borderlands 2 and I thought it was better than the main game lol

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Plat #118: Jak II (PS4)


Halfway through the series...


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