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@Gommes_ Congras! Good to know you enjoy it a lot, and when you think in move to Persona 5, your experience with P4 will be a lot of useful since both share a lot of things 😄


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51 minutes ago, The_ThunderIord said:



:platinum: #52: Rayman Legends (PS3)





What can I say about this masterpiece? I play this game since 2015 (not all day, but very often) and i'm still enjoying it :wub:


This version was kinda longer cause there is a lack of players on PS3 so to earn a diamond cup on daily challenges, you have to be (approximately) top 10.

In distance challenge it's easy, but land speed, pit lums, dojos, tower speed.... OMG :jaymon:


In fact there are still some tryharders that are always on top 3 so very tough to beat them. But I earn some diamonds still (like 10-15)


I'll do the VITA version in the near future, cause this game is so good xD


There is a screen of my final diamond cup to pass the LV11 (a pit speed):





Personal Difficulty : 3/10

Fun: 100/10

Time to 100%: 1 month, 3 weeks, 4 days

PSNP Rarity (Platinium): 7.22%

Congrats man, I saw your rayman videos on YT and you are insane, keep it up man ❤︎


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13 hours ago, The_ThunderIord said:

Rayman Legends


Are you going to do the Chinese versions? 


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