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3 hours ago, Kristycism said:

:platinum:#118 - The Last of Us Remastered


It can't be for nothing

Enjoyment: 10/10

Difficullty: 8/10 (for Grounded mode, because I suck at stealth)


Even though it hasn't been that long since I played the game on PS3, I decided just to jump in again on PS4 since it was free on PS+ and I figured there's be new people trying the MP who I could hopefully stand a chance against to get all the trophies on my own without boosting (and I did, yay! But only because they're so much easier than the PS3 equivalents...can't imagine I'd have had the skills to get any of those if I hadn't boosted....).


It's funny, with a lot of games, once you've played through the story once, you know what happens, so any time a cutscene comes up you're like "eh whatever, I know what's happening anyway." But with this game, I felt like a lot of the scenes got more emotional each time I played through the game (this will be my 5th time, as I did 3 on PS3 and 2 PS4). I guess because you know how things are going to turn out later, scenes that didn't have as much of an emotional impact suddenly do. For instance, the opening scenes, when I first played through them on PS3 I didn't really care because I hadn't got to know the characters so well. But in each subsequent playthrough, the opening scenes made me more and more emotional, to the point I now tear up before they even start because I know what's coming!


Same with some other scenes, though I don't want to name them because spoilers (though, at this point, most people should have played through the game anyway). Those who have played will know which ones I'm talking about though...


The ending as well - you know an ending to a story is good when it leaves you thinking. I go back and forth on whether or not this is how I wanted it to end, and what one of the characters is thinking (again, don't want to say more because spoilers). Most games, once the story is over, you move on to a new game and don't think about the old one again, but I've been thinking about the ending since I played the PS3 version, and playing again on PS4 just makes me think even more, really.


As for the Factions Multiplayer - given how much I suck at stealth, and how I never really play MP, I should really have disliked it. I mean, I sucked at it for sure, but I actually still enjoyed my time with it for the most part. I think because there's still a sense of progression even when you do horribly, it feels better and like you're still achieving something towards your goal? It would probably have been more enjoyable to play with friends, but most people I know have already finished the game years ago, so I didn't really have anyone to play with. Still, the players you do come across are alright for the most part, though there are some salty people who just quit as soon as they start to lose, moan about how sh*t everyone is in their mics constantly, or try to message you abuse then realise you have your messages set to private so they sent you a friend request with an abusive message instead. But those are few and far between (in fact, I think two out of the three times it happened, it was the same guy).


Anyway, now that both versions are complete, roll on The Last of Us 2!!!!

Congrats, I have finally jumped on this game after many years owning it and never playing. I'm finding the MP somewhat enjoyable, although I don't know the maps very well and the good spots to hide, but it's decent so far.


I'm doing MP first, then I will immerse myself in campaign. 


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Battlefield 5 was my most recent platininum. I had to get a friend to help me boost it


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