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#19: Trover Uh.. Saves The Like, You Know, Universe Or Some Shit.. I Dunno, This Is Just How They Talk In That Game, If You Haven't Played It, Well, I Don't Know What To Tell You Man, Sucks To Suck Bro


Really wanted to like this game, as I'm a big Rick and Morty fan (I doubt there are many who aren't on this site), but it was just an average ass platformer.

If you're not great at platformers (guilty) you're gonna have moments where you're trying to figure out what to do next and are force fed a loop of "uuhhhh let's do fuckin interdimensional cable man, yeah let's DO that shit bro RIGHT IN MY ASS," and like a Twilight Zone episode bearing the careful-what-you-wish-for adage, you're suddenly realizing that this isn't what you wanted in a game.

The charm wore off very quickly, and I started finding this game annoying. And I felt like an asshole, because I have found literally zero negative comments about this game, and it made me think it's just me. Which is entirely possible, of course.

Having said all that, by the time I was finished, I... kinda liked it? I mean I still think this is obnoxious silliness free of any sort of substance tacked on to what's a passable game at best, but it did grow on me. I suppose what I'm getting at is if platformers are your thing and you love Rick and Morty, try it. But only if it's on sale (which it currently is, whaddayaknow).

Also for real fuck that basketball trophy.


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:platinum: #43 Maneater (PS5)


Platinum difficulty rating - 3 / 10

Fun factor - 6 /10


Free game on PSN plus, so can't be to harsh.

Not a difficult platinum but there were a lot of bugs, crashes, and glitches to be fully enjoyable.


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1 hour ago, kRiZz_93 said:

40-platinum.png # 122 - Ziggurat (PS4)


Difficulty - 7 / 10

Enjoyment - 7.5 / 10

(Would have been higher as I like roguelike games, but the luck dependent needed to beat hard kinda drained me near the end 😰)

Time Taken - 2 Weeks 3 Days

(The playtime dragged on whilst attempting to finish a run on Hard difficulty. If your attempting to complete this game on hard definitely play either Seer, the extra levelling he gains provides more chances of getting the really good perks to beat the game)


So good to see someone else enjoy this game! One of my most satisfying plats for sure, I miss the ultra-fast arcade shooter gameplay it exhibited. Have you heard of Ziggurat 2? It's in early access on Steam, and I'm going to platinum it as soon as it comes out on Playstation. Hopefully they don't do anything to mess with the formula too much.


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