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The Last Movie You Saw?


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Watched another couple this week:


The Greatest Beer Run Ever - a supposedly true story of a guy who went to the Vietnam war just to drop off beer to his friends fighting there. It was actually really good, balanced light hearted fun and darker war themes well. It was interesting and kept my attention. I did think the main guy was a bit of an idiot though, how accurate that is to real life who knows! 

Transformer: Rise of the Beasts - I was quite looking forward to this one as I really like the first Transformers movie and the Bumblebee one, and I liked the idea of robot animals in this. Unfortunately I think the series had fallen back into its bad habits - poor story, not that great CGI, and although some good action just overall a bit bland. 

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The Beekeeper 2024 - another good Statham movie, really liked the action, it's close to some John Wick moments

Rebel Moon Part One A Child of Fire 2023 - one of the weaker Snyder movies, but it's still ok overall, great visuals and camera work, the main character is as likeable as a brick, but at least she's not the worst thing to look at


Justice League Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One 2024 - this was garbage, apparently by the time the other parts come out this is supposed to be the finale of this new DC Animated Universe, thank God, so far it has been a cheap cash grab compared to the older DC Animated Movies, almost fell asleep watching it, not looking forward to the other parts, it's also a bad adaptation of the original comicbook story


some older movies


Scott Pilgrim vs the World 2010 - wow, what a surprise, one of the best executions of a comicbook style movie adaptation and one of the most unique movies period, it's a must watch imo

bonus, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off 2023 - this Netflix animated/anime style show (fake adaptation) is trash when compared to the original story and the movie, watch the movie instead, it's a million times better, I wanted this show first and was disappointment


The Prestige 2006 - didn't know what to expect from this as a story, watched it because of Nolan and the actors, turned out to be a great movie, it holds up perfectly, another easy recommendation

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