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The Last Movie You Saw?


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7 hours ago, LastMinuteSavior said:

How my 2023's Top 10 currently stands:

1. The Zone of Interest

2. Past Lives

3. Perfect Days

4. Poor Things

5. Monster

6. The Holdovers

7. Saltburn

8. Across the Spiderverse

9. Oppenheimer

10. Anatomy of a Fall




7 hours ago, LastMinuteSavior said:


[ 9/10 ]


Very nice 😎.

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2 hours ago, Slava said:

Very nice 😎.


Been thinking a lot about Perfect Days since I watched it.

Just today I was thinking how Hirayama looking at the sky every morning speaks to the life choices he made, and about what he said about different people living in different worlds.


2023 had a handful of movies that "said" and showed a lotta important things.

It's always great when film helps you find the words in your head to make sense of things.

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58 minutes ago, shadaik said:

Be grateful. Probably how it achieved a second star in that rating.



Probably. I save 1 star for movies that actually makes me mad. :D

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