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It is Shit


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I watched my friend whadhebreak on twitch play it today.

He got it from redbox for free, everyone put the pitchforks down! xD


It was terrible, absolutely terrible. The QA on this thing is non existing. Otherwise they would have changed the AIs voices. It was like a drill in the back of my head hearing the AIs talk.... 

I don't know how anyone could make this and think, "ya that sounds good, lets go with those voices". 


Of course there were other things like your weird shadow, the stamina system is really bad, the eating part is really bad, etc. 


Wanna hear the AIs voices? :awesome:



No embed for twitch I guess



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I love MGS1-4,

Have yet to start either of MGS5 games, which is both of them as both have been free on PS+ now. MGS5 looks really good but due to being married, grown up and having a job. I can't just sit down anymore and take several days off to just sit in a complete MGS like I did with 2 and 3 for example. Best weekends of my life. :)

Anyway, although I've yet to start MGS5, the graphics in that were incredible. 60fps too.

Now when I look at Jim's video, is it me or have the graphics turned into a PS2 game?
The bit at the beginning where Jim is just looking down and stabbing the zombies in the head. I mean it's like we're back to the days of Golden Axe and stabbing at the toes of skeletons from the ledge below.

Those Zombie AI are just terrible...and the ones later in the video where there are just running for walls or getting stuck on them.

From a game point of view, a bit like Dynasty Warriors 9, the gameplay looks buggy and badly designed. The shitting on Kojiam's legacy part. I am really looking forward to seeing the number of players on this site that get this game.


PS Apparentely the game has Microtransactions to unlock extra save slots....

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59 minutes ago, spykeralbersfan1 said:

I haven’t played it and have no intention to haven’t had a metal gear game that I’ve enjoyed since the second 


totally agree - Metal Gear Solid was a big step away from what made the first two games good fun, and was pretty much where I checked out too.

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