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Bloodborne II?


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You know, as much I love/loved the Soulsborne series, I'd be fine if we never got a Bloodborne 2. There isn't a huge difference between Bloodborne and Dark Souls -- or even among the Dark Souls games -- and DS Remastered reminded me of how stale the formula had gotten. Even though I think DS3 is one of the best games in the series, it just felt like more of the same. I'm not sure I want to experience that with Bloodborne. I'd rather them focus on something new.


That said, if BB2 is released, I retract everything I said here.

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Miyazaki has already stated he is not working on Bloodborne. Dunno why everybody immediately jump to the conclusion that FS is working on a new BB game.

What they're working on is Armored Core. Pretty straight forward.

Btw, Sony owns the rights to the Bloodborne franchise, not FromSoft. So if Sony really wanted a new Bloodborne game, they could get a different studio to make one. Naturally, I don't think fans would be very happy with that decision.

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we didnt get demon souls 2, so I dont think we will get bloodborne 2 any time soon. Miyazaki said he is done with souls like games... But Code Vein and Sekiro are kinda souls like??


Anyhow Armored Core for sure, and I thought that VR game is gonna be King's Field remake but we got Deracine. 

There is still Kuon thou...

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Personally i quite like the idea of Bloodborne being a one-and-done kinda situation, especially seeing how FromSofts best work has been original games rather than sequels. 

That being said it would still be an easy day one buy for me.

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