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FFVIII is getting a physical release

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Well besides it took too long for physical. The digital was a better idea for me . Its cheaper and quicker to access since its always downloaded.  sometimes i just play for 10min then switch . Its always a bad idea to separate physical and digital releases , i hate that. my priority is physical most of the time.

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8 minutes ago, Oblivion said:

What's to be expected? Shit cover for a shit game lol

IMHO that's one of the best FFs. I simply love the story, chars and totally different combat system.

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If this was a year ago when it was released I would of brought it, but I have no interest since I have it digitally. 


What an awful idea to release a physical version so late after the hype for the remastered has gone. Only way I would buy this if it has a stackable trophy list which I doubt it would. 

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6 hours ago, Venocide said:

The cover is hideous. I just quickly made this in Photoshop, this is the cover I wanted.


Clean, simple and it looks more like the original European PS1 cover. 





I may just get the physical and print yours out as a replacement cover.


Honestly, the Switch cover is better. But, given their track record I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an empty box with a digital code like with Final Fantasy X/X-2.

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On 25/10/2020 at 10:04 PM, sepheroithisgod said:

Anyone think this would have a separate trophy list?

Unless there are some changes in the physical version I doubt it. It would be the only reason for me to pick up the game since I've got it digitally. I'm staying away from having duplicate games, my room is cluttered with alot of games I'm trying to stick to just getting steelbook and collectors edition if I'm getting physical copies. 

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