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Grand Theft Auto Vice City


The second game from my nostalgic trip.  This is my favorite GTA of all time.  A lot of things came first in this game.

Heists, property purchases, motorcycles, chainsaws, katanas... The story was epic (hello Scarface), the time period was epic.

But the best part of the game was the song list. 80's music is awesome.


Enjoyment 10 / 10

Difficulty : 3.5 / 10



The Key to San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


I really never played San Andreas on the PS2, other than for about 30 minutes. 

This game definitely has some major technical improvements, most notably the camera controls. 

I felt some additions were a bit TOO much, such as having to go eat and workout a bunch.

The story is a bit over the place too, but still entertaining. Overall, its a good solid game.


Enjoyment: 9 / 10

Difficulty : 3.5 / 10


Using a hammer to damage two vehicles. Chasing a guy around while you wield a chainsaw. Bringing a hillbilly military guy over to a doctor while he’s bleeding out and the game screen is distorted. Some of my favorite moments from Vice City. 


The music was awesome. Not just Vice City but also San Andreas. It seemed like people back then could recognize real talent from these musicians and then give them a record contract. Not anymore. We don’t have real genuine talent. The only talent left is deep underground and in the indie scene. 


Mainstream music today is a complete disgrace. I can easily pick one or two songs from Vice City that are better than 95 - 99 percent of the shit I hear today. The New Jack Swing songs Rockstar picked out for San Andreas sound a whole hell of a lot better than the autotune bullshit lot of today’s artists are subjected to. 


Get Down It’s Saturday Night is my favorite funk song and probably my favorite in all of Vice City. Shame that talent is long gone.

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Difficulty Rating 3/10

Enjoyment Rating 1/10


The game is very boring , no map or any guideline on what to do next , doesn't worth the 20$ price for it.

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