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Dirt 5


Really enjoyable racing game. The variety of cars and events is very impressive and it really didn't bore me once.


There are only 21 trophies, so very few filler trophies - most being tied to the career mode. The career mode has a fun narrative in the form of various podcasts with some good humour thrown in.


The difficulty is fair. Unlike some racing games which are hard throughout, easy is actually easy and hard is harder. There is one exception to this: one vehicle that comes around four times throughout your career really spikes the difficulty to another level - but for those not caring about completing them, you don't have to win them all to achieve Platinum.


The one downside is that there are numerous game crashes after races - and trophies can be dodgy to pop. I only experienced one trophy not popping at the right time but it corrected itself soon after. I know a lot of other people experienced quite a few though. The crashes though - I probably had 8 or 9 of them during my play. Too many. For only that reason it loses a rating so...




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#737: Breeder Homegrown: Director's Cut     Vita   AS 

(PSN level 857)


#738: Alphaset by POWGI      Vita    AS 


#739: Drowning     Vita    AS 

(PSN level 858)


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Plat 160 - Desert Child

You win at running, football, arson, weddings, and art! You’ll even win at irony! Top score.




Plat 161 - Valley

Big Game Hunter




Plat 162 - 11-11: Memories Retold





Plat 163 - Wreckfest

Master of Crashes




Plat 164 - Nascar Heat 4

All Trophies




Plat 165 - Aragami



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Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders


Another Artifex Mundi hidden object puzzle game. Just a bog-standard HOP game. Nothing very taxing on the brain. Pretty much the same trophy list as the other AM games. Some better hidden collectibles but with a guide it obviously doesn't matter how well hidden they are. A platinum doesn't come much easier than this.


Just an observation: the name is odd because although it is indeed set in Persia - Nights, Sands & Wonders are just a selection of words to make it sound snazzy because they only very vaguely fit with the game. It could have been any combination of hundreds of words... but anyway...


Would recommend for those who want a simple game to play after a long day to wind down.




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