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60 Seconds!


Only took me a million tries each to get the last few Trophies xD 


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3 hours ago, Sardavanua said:

Rime also has one of the most relaxing atmospheres I've ever seen in a video game, it kinda felt like meditation at some points

Well said. This is exactly what I loved about it and what really elevated the game for me. 

Along with RiME, there are a few other games I’ve played such as Journey and Fe that have that same wonderful quality. They all share the same sort of calm, relaxing nature and vibrant beauty that creates a very cathartic and moving experience that is unlike anything else.


Games like this also kind of reminded me of the fact that a game can be so much more than just a video game. Games like this function as more of an emotional experience or a great work of art, tapping deep into the player’s feelings rather than thoughts, and allowing one’s senses and emotions to guide you on your journey. Connecting with those emotions and providing such a sense of peace and tranquility is probably the reason why the memory of these experiences lingers on in my mind long after playing these games. 🙂


Congrats on your platinum by the way.


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:platinum: #239

Rebel Galaxy

All Trophies Collected



This is one of those games that was fine at first...but severely over stayed it's welcome long before I was finished due to a couple needlessly overly grindy trophies. 


This game also sparks a strange balance of being fun and you almost can't get enough of it...and being bored to tears and extremely repetitive. It's quite strange. Saw a lot of posts from PS4, Steam and Xbox players that all say this games "opens up after you leave the first system", no it does not! It's is literally the same thing over and over again the entire game. 


The story is interesting enough for you to keep going, as you have this mystery to unfold about an AI you pick up. But you quickly learn that the story is really only a handful of missions long...everything else is you going from station to station picking up job after job after job to get money so you can upgrade your ship, in order to get the mission difficulty to go down (it ranges from Very Easy, Easy, Average, Hard, Very Hard), which is based on the level of components you have attached to your ship (from Mk1-6), just so you can get to that next step and actually survive...and even that doesn't help after awhile as you have to buy bigger ships (yet slower which makes things more tedious) so they can have more weapons attached, which in turn costs MORE money, so you have to do more jobs to compensate. And it's all naval based combat, so you fight on a 2D plane in space, while turned to the side so your can fire broadside weapons. Admittedly when you do get your ship kitted out with all new stuff and more stuff, and you see how fast you just obliterate the competition, it's very satisfying...until you hit the next wall and have to repeat the whole process again. 


Like I said, it's a weird level of fun, where you might be bored and annoyed but you almost can't put it down...but with a little more variety this could have been an amazing game. I'm glad it's over though...trying to kill 20 Pirate Lords (which are RNG based when they show up) and killing 2500 ships just made it a drag in the end. I'm not even sure I want the sequel at this point...even though I hear it might be a bit more my speed as it's dog fighting rather than Naval combat, but a break from this is needed first.


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Platinum #64: Cthulhu Saves Christmas


'Tis the Season


Unlock all the trophies in Cthulhu Saves Christmas!


A quick, fun, and cheap game (only $9.99 on PSN).  Loads of humor, mainly fourth wall breaks and references to past Zeboyd Games games.




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