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platinum #546 Ladders By Powgi (ps4)

completed in 37 minutes and 26 seconds

platinum rarity 95.55% common

platinum name: You Rung, M'Lord


platinum #547 Rabisco+ (ps4)

completed in 30 minutes and 25 seconds

platinum rarity 96.57% common


platinum #548 Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet

completed in 18 minutes and 44 seconds

platinum rarity 98% common

platinum name: Ultimate Sweet


platinum #549 Legends Of Talia: Arcadia (ps4)

completed in 39 seconds

platinum rarity 99.15% common

platinum name:  The Hero Of Talia


easiest powgi game i ever played after figuring out how the game mechanics works out. trying to find more games that have 2 platforms listed. also finished rabisco+. syurp and the ultimate sweet and Legends Of Talia i will be starting my platinum #550 game either tonight or in the morning. it's going to be saints row 3 Remastered (ps4) have a helpful guide i need to look out for missable trophy and checklist items.

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Plat #1492




What an amazing puzzle ball game.  

Be sure to play past the plat.  

There are so many levels to this, it's a thrill!


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#558 - The Dark Eye: Memoria



Slightly better than the first game. Still has some audio issues, and the story is a bit of a mixed bag.



Enjoyment: 6.5

Difficulty: 2


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