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why next year for the next?


Because the new releases probably will come to NA til the next year. CyberDimension and Chaos Champuru.


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#43 - Amnesia: Memories


:platinum: Memories Returned

Collected every trophy in the game


After playing CR as my very first Otome VN and then Norn9 I must say; Amnesia was terrible...

The good things: It was short compared again to CR and Norn9 in the story content and... uhm... the platinum pic looks nice at least :awesome:

The Clover route was the only guy I liked beside the Joker route... the Diamond one gaves me creeps like hell while Heart route was to much mainstream and bishi-bishi power and Spada was an all ok lol... I hope btw I never face such a creepo in RL like the poor heroine faced in the Diamond route... x'D

Uhmm another good point; The memory of my vita will get more space now :awesome:

The bad stuff; Terrible story... I dunno I don't liked it much, I know the anime and... yeah I hoped the game would be at least better... but... nope... :dance:

The charakter especially the Diamond boy Touma was the hell and that fishy one Rika... I loevd Mine and Sawa from the girls :v (I didn't even like the heroine that much than these 2 girls; hilarious huh...)

I just hope my still not played Hakuoki on PS3 is much better than this but not now... not after this midsized trauma I want an amnesia asap to forget this...! :dance:



I tried to warn people. So help me jesus I tried warning people. That game still gives me nightmares of boredom and temporary moments of insanity. I had a dream once, where I was stuck in the game, and I had to talk to all the fucking losers. And I couldn't skip the dialogue, so I was lost forever in the shitty dialogue. I legitimately broke free from the horrendous nightmare by attempting to bash my face against the floor as Ukyo was trying to lick my ear...


I almost wish I could expunge the platinum off of my list. But I need to look at it as a reminder to myself, that I'm a masochistic piece of shit.


Dramatic post aside, I really do hate that fucking abomination of a game.


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Free game this month. Not much to say, easy platinum, but annoying trophy list. Overall it is not a bad game.

#64 - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - PS4


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platinum #124 The walking dead (vita)

completed in 2 days and 19 hours (would of been done faster but had an emergency to take care of)

average completion 71%

platinum rarity 67.70% common


bought this game during the day of the dead sales, will be getting back onto the diablo 3 ROS grind for monk once that gets done already planned on doing the game of thrones point and click (think it was for ps3).


getting closer to the finish its FTW.

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