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1 minute ago, Nighcisama said:


Super Meat Boy


:gold:Zombie Boy:gold:

Beat The Rapture dark world without dying

Oh boy, what a ride this was. Super Meat Boy is nowhere near to being an easy game by any means, doing 20 levels without dying in a game that is as hard as this one is almost unreasonable to ask, especially with 20 levels like this. Rapture dark world has some infuriatingly frustrating levels, so getting them all done with a single life was something I have been trying on and off for quite a while now, this trophy here in particular has always eluded me so far. Gave up after a while because I doubted that I even had the skill required, came back after honing my skills on old and unfair platformers, then set myself a date (12th october when me psplus runs out) that this either had to be completed by then or it would get abandoned again.

Got close a few times, then had to take 2 shorter breaks due to real life reasons slowing down my progress a bit, came really close once but fucked it up 16 levels in, and then finally got it today a few hours into a session. This ranks very high among the challenging things I have done in my gaming career and I am very proud that I accomplished this trophy that I thought was simply out of my league a few months ago, now I can put Super Meat Boy to rest once more.


This games platinum is still my white whale, a heinously difficult nightmare of a plat that threatened to keep me away from once again having a 100% completion ever since I started it on a whim. There is only 2 ironman runs left, one that is, in my opinion, slightly easier than this one and one that is a hell of a lot harder. However, I will do neither of those because my 100% completion has already been killed by another game in the meantime. Still, despite that happening I wanted to prove to myself that I can get at least Zombie Boy with enough dedication, and I had sunk in quite a few hours already so I thought getting this would be the next best thing to getting the platinum, and it sure felt great when I finally made it through.


Great job man.


It's a shame that there are now three games that you've given up on completing.


I'll probably be posting in this thread pretty soon. Actually got real close to Impossible Boy which is the last trophy I need. There are a good 3 - 5 levels in that set that I am NEVER consistent in.


Still, you've gone farther than most, and that alone is something to be proud of.


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Tomb Raider (PS3)



Get Over Here! 
Rope pull 5 enemies off edges.


Decided to come back to this game after about four years. Unfortunately, I'll have to restart the single player (was at 45%) and do some boosting if I want the plat, but thankfully my original playthrough left off at the perfect place in the campaign to grab certain trophies, including this one with the neat Mortal Kombat reference.


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