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SUPER BOMBERMAN R Trophy Thoughts?


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1 hour ago, RangyRV said:

The grind is real with this one. 1000 MP matches? Destroy 1000000 blocks? You cant be serious o_O

Hopefully local multiplayer counts for the 1000 matches, but that one million blocks trophy. Bomberman act zero had an achievement like that and the achievement guide estimated that games 1000g at 430 hours just because of that achievement. Unless someone finds a way to afk this crap(like respawning blocks in some levels and a powerup that makes you invincible to your own bombs) its gonna be one long plat.

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9 minutes ago, GravityQueeen said:

This platinum is gonna be insanely grindy, but overall looks easy. I hope theres a counter for you to track your progress towards the grind feast at least. And that all trophies unlock properly. I am definitely picking this Bomberman up eventually. 


Judging by the switch it wont be that grindy to be honest.

Not sure there is a counter that tracks your progress, have not looked for one on the switch version.


I'm also getting this game eventually, just going to wait a little for the initial price drop : )

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Again, more posts with people not buying a game because the trophies are "too hard/take too long", damn. Hopefully this ain't a reflection on your actual lifestyles as well, haha. I could only imagine the fun these people are at parties. Also, please find a way to boost privately, don't idle people's games, that's just awful. I'll happily vote to kick/report any idle people I come across in public lobbies in any game.

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2 hours ago, anotherfangirl said:

Two people already have the 1.000 multiplayer battles trophy... is this trophy really that easy and fast to achieve? 1.000 games really does sound a lot, it took me weeks in Friday the 13th to play the 1.000 multiplayer matches.


It's the offline multiplayer, easy to boost with 2 controllers 

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hi everyone 

i have a question 

about the last hidden trophies 

can they be done in local multiplayer mode?



i have found the answer,

both local or multiplayer would be counted for these trophies

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