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Got this amazing game to play it again before the new one comes out.


I had it for Xbox360 but sold that copy and bought this instead.


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Since my previous copy of the game didn't want to work, I bought this one last week.

Paid Bs. 21.5x10^5 for it... That is roughly $7.50 in a more normal currency.

Shipping was free because the seller was nearby and was kind enough to do the local delivery himself without any extra cost. Very nice of him.


This copy worked fine and I was able to start the game yesterday. This disc is in perfect condition, no scratches. The cover is a little banged up though.

I am still baffled that my previous copy didn't work out as the disc was in pretty good condition as well. Oh well :dunno: Problem solved, I guess :)



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Saints row 4 game of the century edition. 


£3.69 on sale. Time to get those dlc trophies in the bag


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Hoping to get this platinum because I love FIFA so much, I play them during my free time and always keeps me happy. Might also use this to help me get over the due FIFA 14 platinum (42/44 Trophies) because of EA Sports's selfishness. They closed MatchDay Live for that game without even announcing the closure. So I played FIFA 16 back in 2015, ready to get all the trophies. 




Not much to say about this. I just never finished God of War II back on PS2, so I think I will now. Also using this to increase my trophy stats. 


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