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Trophy Thoughts?


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I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move
Reach Level 99 with a Hardcore Character

For those that don't know, level 98 to 99 alone is like 4000-4500 Baal runs (certain boss) at the highest difficulty(Hell) and in a full party. And since this is hardcore, you most likely will get numb and complacent and probably die due to being distracted, and then your character is deleted. This trophy will take you months outside some sort of exploit.

The Diablo 3 equivalent would be to grind your paragon level to 9999. With NO HACKS, on Hardcore.


good luck

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4 minutes ago, Celestial_Lily said:

Gosh, two level 99 trophies, and getting druid to 99 which either forces one of your two 99s to be a druid, or that's a third character to max. 


I.. can't do it

?? Who said that it HAS to be a druid? "99" is just the trophy name, not the requirements.

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Just now, AvariceInc said:

Played softcore a good deal way back but never touched hardcore, any veterans have ideas what's the safest class for HC?

It depends on ur playstyle most tankish dudes r paladin and barbarian but paly is also best class as melee and caster as well. I would go for hammerdin ez ese

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