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October's PS+ Games announced - Hell Let Loose, Mortal Kombat X, PGA TOUR 2K21


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7 minutes ago, starcrunch061 said:


I await handball.

Handball it's more fun than golf, i like sports game but with Mario, i mean arcade but realistic it's boring and if we  talk about golf zzz....

Just now, arcanehornet_ said:

The worst part of all this, is not capitalizing on Halloween whatsoever.


They could've easily given MediEvil instead of that golf game and everyone would have been more pleased.

Horror games, visage for example

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I'll play MKX on my meaningless account so I don't have to watch the cutscenes on youtube so I know whats going on in MK11 when I eventually play that story and then delete it. I might give golf a go on my meaningless account and if I like it then play it on my true account and I know nothing about Hell Let Loose but overall yet again it's not a great month. Also find it dumb that we are getting yet another PS Plus collection title

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So, I would like to repost something I saw on gamefaqs in regards to Golf:


I can attest to PGA 2k21 being fun but it has a glitch that screws up the game on PS4 and 2k either can't or won't fix it.


I neither confirm nor deny this, but it's still rather amusing to me that even people who might support this game do so with reservations.

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On 27/09/2021 at 2:02 PM, sealightbreeze said:

So nothing really good then 

Yes two good games...

On 27/09/2021 at 11:13 PM, Sunnyburrito said:

It's like each month is trying to one up each other in how bad the line up is.

Disagree 100%

On 27/09/2021 at 11:49 PM, EightBitArtist said:


i only renewed this month because they were doing the $1 for a month deal. otherwise, i wouldnt have renewed. lets see if HLL makes the $1 renew worth it.

Another complaining about FREE games. So many entitled people on PlayStation.

58 minutes ago, JorgeSleep said:

The worst month. No cap.

No far from it.


So many moaners. If you don't play online and you aren't happy with Plus games unless they're triple AAA games less than 2 years old, DONT SUB!
You're complaining about FREE games. The entitled generation or what.

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Hell Let Loose I'm cool with was a game I wanted to get anyways. Mortal Kombat X kinda sucks I own it already and 11 besides 11 would've been a better choice because it doesn't make sense to me to give away an older fighting game when typically their playerbases shift to the newest.


PGA Tour I'm fine with. Not bad, not great either. I enjoy golf games as a casual thing (usually more arcadey ones hot shots, Mario golf) but will probably try it out.

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I'm down to try Hell Let Loose, but the rest is disappointing.


I don't think I need to comment on why exactly, but giving us a "free" PS5 Plus game on PS4 (not even the latest entry at that) and a golf game is a bit ... derogatory? Really hoping November has superior games in store than this. This is - relatively speaking - a bad month for Plus.

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26 minutes ago, Paperclip1776 said:

Good grief, this comment seems to be a bit of an overreaction.  You hope Jim Ryan gets fired?  Because you got months of bad games?  I don't think the CEO of Playstation division should be fired because you don't like the current month of games.  Out of all the games we get within a year, usually a couple of games pay for the service, even at full price.  You're getting a minimum of 36 games a year, most people will find something they like. 


I own PGA and I don't have any interest in the others, and it's been this way for several months for me.  But you think Microsoft is so much better?  Go get game pass and see what you're missing.    You'll definitely be missing all of the exclusive Playstation games like God of War, Spiderman, Horizon, TLOU II, and Ghost of Tsushima, to name a few of the most current.  And there's a lot more coming soon, too.  



Firing of jim ryan it's not just for ps plus games, look all the things he says in interviews and you will understand.


You can have many consoles not just playstation man,  and future exclusives umm are going to be the same , i don't see different genres, i love playstation but i'm not a fanboy lol i can complain

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4 hours ago, Willreaper41 said:

I'm sorta intrigues by this hell let loose as long as it isn't just another mass online game but what the hell is this new trend of sport games most people don't even play? At least some people play soccer, football or basketball but tennis and golf?

I'd bet it's cheaper for Sony as afaik devs get money based on downloads (or maybe just ppl who add it to library)


Anyway, this year is a new low for PS+. It started strong but went downhill really fast.

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the only bad thing about this month is re-offering mortal kombat X when it's already part of the ps plus line up when people get a ps5.  Not to mention it was also on ps now and nobody in their right mind would pay for the damn game that has been offered up so much for free, hookers give it away complementary with purchase of a blow job. 


Aside from that,,lmao....there is nothing wrong with Hell let loose it is a highly rated game on steam.  9/10.  Also the pga tour golf game is the most recent of the series and worth probably about $20.00 at this point.   People confuse a bad month for a month that just doesn't interest them.  I don't like double or triple re-offerings but there is value in the other two game.  For me Hell let Loose is the 1st game i have interest in in awhile so it is a good month to me but to someone else who doesn't like that type of game or golf than of course it isn't great.  can't please everyone every month.  I already own pga 2k21 still not crying. 

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