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3 minutes ago, reiner- said:


It's actually quite terrible in so many ways.

The only reason I stuck through to the plat was because it's a short game. If it had of been even a few hours longer I probably would of returned the game.



Sounds like it's worth it for the Plat  LMAO


I'll be in no rush to purchase it


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17 hours ago, ZitMeatloaf said:

:platinum: #35 - Resogun

"I came, I saw, I blew stuff up"


So yeah, I'm pretty late to the party with this one, as I imagine most people played this way back when it was a launch title for the PS4 and included with PS+. The way I play games means I'm late to the party with most of the games I play, so nothing new for me.


Overall a pretty damn good time. Usually I'm just decent at twin stick shooters, but I overcame the learning curve with this game rather quickly. I won't be playing any of the DLC though, too many other games to play, especially at Christmastime. As a side note, this is the first game I've platinumed with my PS Now subscription.

I've been thinking of playing this as I use PS Now, is the DLC included with the game on PS Now though? I've been looking around for information on that (since I'm a nerdy completionist), but couldn't find any.


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