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Platinums obtained without boosting.


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Not sure if there is already a topic about this but I thought this would be an interesting topic but what platinums have you managed to obtain WITHOUT boosting that have online trophies? Killzone Mercenary which I may of taken turns with a relative to play but don’t fully remember but I know I did most of the trophies myself on that game except the one where you need to play 100 matches if so (but also played the majority of the matches myself too if so), Resistance 2 and Battlefield 4 (PS3 version) for me as far as I remember. 

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Star Wars Battlefront II

Far Cry 3

Battlefield 4

The Last of Us (and Remastered)

Watch Dogs 1 & 2

Uncharted 4 (haven’t got the plat but all non dlc online trophies done)


I did most of Battlefront (2015) by myself cause I enjoyed the game so much but did the level 100 DLC grind with other boosters. The group found that it was easier to do the rest of the trophies on our own in public lobbies. 

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Destiny and Battlefield 3. I have 900 hours of MP (BF3) so DLC trophies came naturally by playing and tryharding little bit? And Dark Souls plats. No one never dropped me items that I need. It just was pure grind. And hardest of all NHL plats. I am just good on them and My friends are too. So EASHL trophies and winning 1.div tittles was pretty easy

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1 minute ago, danceswithsloths said:

back in the day there were some good hiding spots and strategies that made it relatively easy. don't think they work anymore though.

I remember the early days where Boneyard was the easy one.  But then R* nerfed some of the good hiding places.

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