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AAA Harry Potter RPG Leaked. KOTOR Vibes.


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Just now, xLilSheWolfx said:

If this turns out to be true I will be extremely happy I grew up on the Harry Potter universe so this will be awesome.


So did I. This was probably my dream game right after playing the Harry potter story as an RPG (all 7 years). I hope they don't mess it up. 

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18 minutes ago, GonzoWARgasm said:

Remember the microtransanctions in Shadow of War? My prediction is that WB Games will lower the bar for microtransanctions to a level that we have yet to witness. Such a bittersweet leak...


Take that negative shit outta here. lol jk, I hope that the MT's (which there will undoubtedly be) focus more on cosmetics and stuff. Let what happened to EA with Battlefront be an example to all publishers and developers out there.

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Looks really good. It does look like Fable which is awesome. For a second I was worried it was just a console release of the mobile game that was released not that long ago. That game also fell victim to the micro transaction curse. It is a fun game but you have only so much energy and so if you run out, it can make for awkward situations. Like when trapped in devil snare. Buy more energy or wait the couple of hours until you recharge. Wait to long though and game over ?.

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29 minutes ago, maiathewinners said:

Pretty sure its made by Avalanche Studios because the way the character moves reminds me of Mad Max, but I can be wrong.


Anyway I never was a big fan of HP but this trailer got me hooked, I can see this being a great game to anyone that likes the series

It's being made by Avalanche Software, not Avalanche Studios.

Software are the people who made Disney Infinity, but don't judge them based on that. Since then, they have hired a lot of new AAA talent, they're basically a brand new studio since Disney sold them off to Warner Bros.

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42 minutes ago, ExHaseo said:

I'm honestly surprised it took so long for a game like this to be made. I just hope they don't screw it up. At the very least, I hope J.K. Rowling was involved in making the story.


She probably is because she still owns the rights to Harry Potter. She's involved in it somehow.

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26 minutes ago, rolltideroll157 said:

This literally would be a dream come true if it's real. I grew up on the Harry Potter books and movies. And honestly have seen all the movies more times than I can count. A true Harry Potter game would be phenomenal!


28 minutes ago, ResoluteRock said:

I never thought I needed this until I learned of its existence. Now I'm unbelievably hyped!


33 minutes ago, bmg_ps said:

F******ck yes!!!
Every single year I hope for a Harry Potter RPG reveal  (literally every year).

I just hope it'll be good.


I feel you, fam. What a time to be a gamer.

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