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I saw this post originally from a Loot Crate Facebook post and tweaked it slightly for this;

List the alphabet and then your favorite game from that letter. (Preferably one from your profile that you have played) - Leave Letters Blank if you don't have any that apply.
And of course, I'll start :D

A - Axiom Verge (Best Metroid-esk Game I've Played)
B - Bioshock

C - Crysis 2 (There were plenty that qualified for 'C' but Crysis 2 had my favorite/unique Online MP experience)

D - Dead By Daylight (Love Killing Me Some Survivors) / Dead Space (Favorite Horror Game of all time)

E - Everybody's Golf (My Only 'E' Game, but Love me some Hot Shots Golf)

F - Far Cry 3

G - Guacamelee!

H - Horizon Zero Dawn
I - inFamous

J - Just Cause 2

K - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Forgettable but my only 'K' game)

L - Little Big Planet 2 (Liked 2 more than 3)

M - Motorstorm (Pacific Rift or Apocalypse)

N - NFL Blitz

O - Onrush (Motorstorm-esk Game)

P - Portal 2 or Paladins... Portal 2 Wins

Q - :( None :( 

R - Rocket League

S - Lots of Good 'S' Games... but I'll go with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel as my favorite

T - That's You (Amazing Party Game Fit for all ages)

U - Unreal Tournament 3

V - Vitamin Z (Only 'V' - but it's Free on the Vita!)

W - Wipeout HD or Warframe (Kudos for Warframe coming from a shaky start to where they are now)

X - XCOM (Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within / 2) - The Best Turn Based Strategy games of all time - rivaling Chaos Gate

Y - :( None :(

Z - Zombie Driver

# - No Numerical Games


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Posted (edited)

Sounds fun!


A - Assassin's Creed Origins 

B - Burnout Paradise 

C - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 

D - Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony 

E - Nothing :(

F - Final Fantasy XV 

G - Grand Theft Auto V 

H - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 

I - inFamous 2 

J - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle 

K - Kingdom Hearts II 

L - L.A. Noire 

M - Midnight Club: Los Angeles 

N - Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition 

O - Nothing :(

P - Persona 4: Golden 

Q - Nothing :(

R - Nothing :(

S - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 

T - Tekken 7

U - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 
V - Virtue's Last Reward 

W - Watch Dogs 2

X - Nothing :(

Y - Nothing :(

Z - Zero Escape: The Nonary Games 

# - 428 Shibuya Scramble

Edited by Terra

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Dark Souls





InFamous 2




Metro Exodus 

Nier Automata 




Resistance 3

Sleeping Dogs 

The Order 1886



Wolfenstein: The new order




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Going to use games from before trophies were a thing. Then I'll list a game with trophies in case OP doesn't want anything prior. Won't include a game for a letter if I feel like it doesn't deserve to be there.


A - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

B - Brave Fencer Musashi or Bloons TD 5

C - CoD: Black Ops

D - DDRMax 6th Mix or Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends (holy fuck this was a tough letter)

E - Enchanted Arms (ps3 game without trophies lol) otherwise blank

F - F.E.A.R (ps3 game without trophies) or Far Cry 3

G - Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock or God of War III

H - (going to leave this blank as HZD is my only H game and I honestly don't think it belongs on the list for me)

I - inFamous

J - Jade Cocoon, otherwise blank.

K - Kingdom Hearts

L - Legend of Mana, otherwise blank.

M - Monster Rancher or Metro 2033 Redux

N - Need for Speed Underground 2, otherwise blank.

O - One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

P - Pirates: Legend of the Black Buccaneer, otherwise blank.

Q - blank

R - Rogue Galaxy, otherwise blank. (unfortunately I don't have any previous Rock Bands which probably have superior lists than 4)

S - Spec Ops: The Line

T - The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (I hate using anything with the word "The" in spots like this.)

U - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

V - blank

W - Wild Arms or Wild Arms 3 (because I cheat like that lol)

X - blank

Y - Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories, otherwise blank.

Z - blank


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19 minutes ago, Avatar_Of_Battle said:

...in case OP doesn't want anything prior.

Doesn't bother me - put your favorite :P

(I almost put "Crystalis" for my 'C'... but NES is a Looooonnggg Time Ago)


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Awesome idea for a thread! I'm going to be listing games from other consoles as well though since some of my favorite games aren't from playstation but I'll include a playstation only version beside it if there is one.


A - Assassin's Creed 3 (Haven't played on this account)

B - Bully

C - Crash Bandicoot

D - Dark Souls

E - (Blank)

F - Final Fantasy 7

G - God of war 2018

H - Harvest Moon Magical Melody / .hack//G.U.

I - InFAMOUS Second Son

J - Jak & Daxter: The Precursor's Legacy

K - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

L - Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask / L.A. Noire

M - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

N - Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

O - (Blank)

P - Persona 5

Q - (Blank)

R - Resident Evil 2

S - Stardew Valley

T - The Escapists 2

U - (Blank)

V - (Blank)

W - Watch Dogs 2

X - XBlaze Lost: Memories

Y - Yakuza

Z - (Blank)

# - (Blank)


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Ape Escape 2

Bioshock Infinite

Call of Duty: Black ops

Dark Cloud

Eagle Flight

Final fantasy X

Gravity Rush Remastered


Heavy Rain



Kingdom Hearts: BBS

LittleBig Planet 3

Metal Gear solid 4

NieR Automata


Persona 5


Quantum of Solace

Resident Evil 7

Superhot VR

The Last of us

Uncharted 3

Valkyria Chronicles

Watch Dogs 2

X -


Z -

# -


I was surprised I was only missing 3. I had only 1 choice for O and Q though. Rest of them had multiple choices. I had some really tough choices in there too. Debated about Shadow of the Colossus for S and leaving R&C off for RE7. K was surprisingly a difficult choice as well.


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A- Amnesia V Edition


C- Collar X Malice unlimited

D- Disgaea 4 a promise revisited

E- Ephemeral fantasy on dark

F- FFX-2


H- Harvest Moon 



K- Kingdom Hearts 2

L- Life is Strange

M- Metal gear solid hd edition

N- Nier Automata

O- Okami hd

P- Pio fiore no banshou



S- Steam Prison

T- Tales of Vesperia


V- Variable Barricade



Y- Yunohana Spring 

Z- Zettai Kaikyuu Gakugen



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This sounds great, I'll give it a try:


A - Axiom Verge
B - Bloodborne

C - Crypt of the Necrodancer

D - Demons's Souls/Dark Souls series

E - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (still gotta finish it, my PS3 broke)

F - Final fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

G - God of War series

H - Horizon Zero Dawn
I - Iconoclasts

J - Journey

K - Killer Is Dead

L - Lollipop Chainsaw

M - Metal Gear Solid series

N - NieR games

O - One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

P - Persona 5

Q -

R - Rayman Legends

S - Steins;Gate

T - The Witcher III

U - Utawarerumono (currently playing it)

V - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

W - Wipeout 2048

X -

Y - Yakuza series

Z - Zone of The Enders

# - 3D Dot Game Heroes


Guess there's a lot of stuff I had forgotten about. That damn backlog!!!


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# 88 Heroes...

A Assassin's Creed IV

B Bioshock

C Code Realize Guardian of Rebirth

D Dying Light // Deus Ex Human Revolution

E Enigmatis Trilogy

F Final Fantasy X

G God of War on PS3 but not PS4 :P // GTA Vice City

H Hellblade // Hidden Agenda

I Icey

J Journey

K Kingdoms of Amalur

L Lara Croft Guardian of Light / Temple of Osiris

M Medal of Honor Frontline / Metro Last Light

N Need for Speed Shift 2 // Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch

O Okami

P Project CARS


R Resident Evil 5

S Spec Ops The Line // Soma

T The Last Of Us // Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Franchise

U Uncharted 1-4 // Until Dawn

V Virtue's Last Reward // Volume

W Wolfenstein The Old Blood


Y Yomawari Night Alone

Z Zero Time Dilemma


While i do have a :platinum: for every letter i don't want to add a game for Q and X :P ... on other letters it was high competition, D as one example :)



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@Evil_Joker88, a little off topic, but what were your thoughts on Icey? That game has always looked interesting to me, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Having as your favorite "I" game made me have to ask.


Then again, it might have been your only "I" as well. Didn't check.


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Just from games with trophies it'd be:


428: Shibuya Scramble



Cat Quest

Devil May Cry

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Final Fantasy X-2

God Eater (don't have any trophies but played on PSP so Resurrection would likely be it anyways)



Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Lost Dimension

Muramasa Rebith

NieR: Automata

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight


Resonance of Fate



Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]


World of Final Fantasy


Yoku's Island Express

Zone of the Enders


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8 hours ago, Beyondthegrave07 said:

@Evil_Joker88, a little off topic, but what were your thoughts on Icey? That game has always looked interesting to me, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Having as your favorite "I" game made me have to ask.


Then again, it might have been your only "I" as well. Didn't check.


I think it is a great game. Because it has a very hilarious meta story telling. Like the narrator tells you to jump over a fissure but if you fall down 5 times he gets angry with you but also generous and creates a new area for you to explore :D ... often arrows indicate where you have to go to but look the other way and you find some treasure chests and the narrator asks you if you're so stupid as to go the wrong direction EVERY time?? :D 


It's not the only game i could choose from looking only at my current :platinum: or 💯 (percent of trophies) score, i have finished ICO :platinum: also :) ... and i wouldn't have chosen ICEY if i didn't like it... i refused to name Quest of Dungeons for example because i didn't like the game that much... partially because i had to play it over 15 times :( (each playthrough ~ 3 hours)


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Posted (edited)

A - Astro Bot (best platformer ever)

B - (Super) Bomberman (on SNES Super is more of a prefix)

C - 

D - Driver

E - Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind

F - Final Fantasy 7

G - Gal*Gun

H - Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth1

I -

J - Jet Set Radio

K - Killer Instinct Gold

L - (The) Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

M - Mario Kart Double Dash

N -

O -

P - Persona 4: Golden

Q - Q-bert (Atari)

R - Resident Evil 5, Xbox not the ruined PS copy 

S - Skies of Arcadia Legends

T - Tales of Symphonia (shame about the trophies)

U - Until Dawn

V - Virtua Cop

W - Wave Race 64

X -

Y - Yonder

Z -


I'll come back to this later, lol.

Edited by thefourfoldroot

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 Assassins Creed IV Black Flag


 CoD MW2

 Dark Souls 3


Far Cry 3

God of War

Horizon Zero Dawn


Just Cause 3


Life is Strange


N (would say Nioh, but played the beta more than the main game)

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Payday 2


Red Dead Redemption


Terraria (because I don´t count "Tom Clanys" ... as T, would be Ghost Recon Wildlands)

Until Dawn


Witcher 3 WIld Hunt (I´m also not counting "The", if it´s not that important for the title)



Zombie Army Triology (had way more fun than expected in co-op)


I´m coming back for the blank spaces


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1-9 - 999 : 9 Hours , 9 Persons , 9 Doors

A -  Ape Escape ( PS1)

B - Bayonetta

- Catherine

- Dark Souls/ Devil May Cry 3 SE

- Echo Night Beyond ( PS2)

- Fire Emblem Awakening 

G - Gravity Rush

- Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice



J - Jak 3

K - Katamari Forever 

L - Limbo

M - Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater

N - Nier : Automata

O - Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

P - Persona 4 Golden 

R - Resident Evil 4

S - Shadow of the Colossus/ Steins;Gate

T - The Last of Us

U - Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End

V - Virtue's Last Reward

W - 

X - 


Z - Zero Time Dilemma


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I will only use Playstation games for my list :popcorn:


A - Assassin´s Creed Odyssey (This game keep surprising me, its not following the old formula exactly but it dont have to. It tweeks it and I love it. And the dlc content is epic)

B - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (The pleasure of blowing up a building with +4 enemies in it is hard to match, even today)

C - Catherine 

D - Detroit - Become Human 

E - Everybody´s Golf (Ps Vita)

F - Firewatch

G - GTA V (Ps4)

H - Horizon Zero Dawn

I - Inside

J - Journey (Ps4)

K - Killzone 2

L - L.A Noire (Ps4)

M - Mad Max

N - No Man´s Sky (Many may hate it, I didnt and I sure dont do it now after great updates)

O - Old Man´s Journey (Actually played this on the phone first, have not yet found time to finish the Ps4 version)

P - Portal 2

Q - Quantum Theory 

R - Red Dead Redemption

S - Shadow of the Colossus (Ps2/Ps3/Ps4)

T - The Last of Us

U - Uncharted 2 (Great single player adventure and the multiplayer had me hooked for months)

V - Valiant Hearts

W - Watch_Dogs

X - XCOM - Enemy Within 

Y - Yoku´s Island Express 

Z - Zen Pinball 2


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Had multiple options to choose from for most letters. Tried to pick my favourite from the options.


Akiba’s Trip

Birthdays the Beginning



Elite Dangerous

Firewall: Zero Hour

God of War

Harvest Moon Light of Hope

Injustice Gods Among Us

Jump Force

Kerbal Space Program

Life is Strange

My Time at Portia

Ni No Kuni


Prison Architect

Quantum Conundrum 

Rune Factory Oceans

Stardew Valley

theHunter: Call of the Wild

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood


World of Final Fantasy

XCOM: Enemy Unknown





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This is going to be tough.


A - Assassin's Creed 2

B - Bioshock

C - Canis Canem Edit (aka Bully)

D - Dishonoured

E - Nothing

F - Fallout 3

G - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

H - Hitman 2 (2018)

I - Infamous

J - Jackass: The Game

K - Nothing

L - L.A. Noire

M - Mass Effect 2

N - Need For Speed: Carbon

O - Nothing

P - Prey (2017)

Q - Quantum Break

R - Red Dead Redemption II

S - Sleeping Dogs

T - The Witcher III

U - Uncharted 2

V - Nothing

W - Watch_Dogs 2

X - Nothing

Y - Nothing

Z - Nothing

# - 24: The Game


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So, I just finished the alphabet plat challenge recently, so I'll use just games that I have played on PS3/PS4:


  • A - Axiom Verge (Alpha Protocol gets an honorable mention)
  • B - Bloodborne (Borderlands 2 gets an honorable mention)
  • C - Criminal Girls 2 (Capcom Arcade Cabinet with the HM)
  • D - Man, there is so much good with that letter. I'll go with Dark Souls, but Demon's Souls, Disgaea 3/4, Deus Ex, Dragon Age, Dragon Quest...so many good titles!
  • E - El Shaddai (Exist Archive with the HM)
  • F - Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise (Fallout 3 and NV get honorable mentions)
  • G - Guitar Hero: Metallica (Guacamelee with the HM here)
  • H - Hollow Knight 
  • I - Infamous: Second Son
  • J - Jotun
  • K - Kingdoms of Amalur (Katamari Forever with the HM)
  • L - ugh. Kind of a weak letter for me. Nothing really stands out, so I'll say the best of the worst is Lords of the Fallen
  • M - Mass Effect 2, though MGS: Peace Walker is right up there
  • N - Ni No Kuni (Nier with the HM)
  • O - Okami
  • P - Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5 share the top spot
  • Q - Quest of Dungeons
  • R - Resonance of Fate (with Rock Band 2 getting the HM)
  • S - Salt and Sanctuary (though lots of pretty good games with that letter, too. Super Meat Boy gets the HM, though)
  • T - Why do we alphabetize with "The"? The Witcher 3 gets the nod, though if we ignore games that begin with "The", it would be Tales of Graces f
  • U - Undertale (Uncharted 2 with the HM)
  • V - Everything I've played with that letter stinks to high heaven. If you held a gun to my head, I would likely say Voodoo Chronicles
  • W - Another weaker letter. Maybe World of Final Fantasy, though Wild Arms 3 was great with trophies.
  • X - Only two to choose from, and both stink. I would pick X-Blades over XBlaze
  • Y - Probably Yakuza 4. Honestly, you could take 3, 5 or even Dead Souls if you wanted.
  • Z - Zero Time Dilemma

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A - Astro Bot Rescue Mission

B - Brute Force

C - Crimson Sea 2

D - Dark Cloud 2

E - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

F - Final Fantasy VI

G - Golden Sun

H - Halo Reach

I - inFamous: First Light

J - Jak & Daxter

K - Kingdom Hearts

L - The Legend of Dragoon 

M - Monster Hunter World

N - No no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 

O - Okami 

P - Puppeteer 

Q - Quest 64 

R - Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time

S - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars 

T - Tearaway

U - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 

V - Vanquish

W - Wild Arms

X - Xenosaga Episode I

Y - Yakuza 0

Z - ?


That was hard and I’m sure there are some that are just outright wrong, but it’s hard to shift trough every game you’ve ever played alphabetically lol. Especially going mostly off memory for some of them. 


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# - 36 Fragments of Midnight (only one to choose from)

A - Assassin's Creed II

B - Burnout Paradise

C - ChromaGun

D - Driveclub

E - Escape Plan

F - Far Cry 3

G - Gran Turismo 5

H - Hitman: Absolution

I - inFamous 2

J - Journey

K - Killzone 2

L - Life is Strange

M - MonsterBag (least-worse)

N - N.E.R.O. (least-worse)

O - Oxenfree (least-worse)

P - Portal 2

Q - Q.U.B.E. 2

R - Red Dead Redemption

S - Severed

T - The Last of Us

U - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

V - Valiant Hearts: The Great War

W - Watch Dogs

X -

Y - Yesterday Origins (only one to choose from)

Z -


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A - 

B - Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3)

C -

D - Devil May Cry (PS2/PS3)

E - 

F - Final Fantasy 13 (PS3)

G - God of War (PS2/PS3/PS4)

H - 

I -  inFamous (PS3)

J - Journey (PS3)

K - Kingdom Hearts (PS2)

L - 

M - Metal Gear Solid (PS1)

N - 

O - Onimusha (PS2)

P - Persona 5 (PS3)

Q - 

R - Resident Evil (PS3)

S - Steins Gate (PS3)

T - Tomb Raider (PS3)

U - Uncharted (PS3)

V - Vagrant Story (PS1)

W - Way of the Samurai (PS2)

X - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Y - 

Z - 

# - 


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A -
B - Bioshock 2
C - Cat Quest
D - seriously, there are just too many games ! Dark Souls-Series, Dragons Dogma, Dragons Crown, Dying Light, Dead Island, Darksiders, Disgaea...
E -
F - Final Fantasy 12; Final Fantasy 13 series
G - God of War
H -
I - Iconoclasts
J -
K - Kingdom Hearts 2
L - Let it die; Little Nightmares
M - Monster Hunter World
N - Nioh; Nier:Automata
O - Outlast
P - Prey
Q -
R - Risen 2
S - Salt and Sanctuary
T - Tales of Xillia
U - Until Dawn
V -
W - (The) Witch and Hundred Knight; (The) Witcher 3
X -  Xenoblade Chronicles X (it's a Wii U game, I know, but it's really good and I want to mention it! )
Y - Yomawari Midnight Shadows
Z -

A lot of times I can't really decide what game is better, it's just so goddamn hard !



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A- Assassin's Creed Syndicate

B- Binding of Isaac

C- Chrono Trigger

D- Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

E- Earthbound

F- Final Fantasy Tactics

G- God of War (2018)

H- Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone

I- Injustice: Gods Among Men

J- Jak and Dexter: The Precursor Legacy

K- Killzone Mercenary

L- Lost Odyssey

M- Mario Kart Wii

N- Nier: Automata

O- Odin Sphere

P: Persona 4 Golden

Q- Quest of Dungeons

R- Rock Band 3

S- Secret of Mana

T- Timespinner

U- Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception

V- Va-11 Hall-A

W- World of Final Fantasy

X- X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Y- Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

Z- Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward


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