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Trailer and Trophy Thoughts


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I've openly railed against lazy trophy lists like this one, but exceptions are made, and this will be one, at least for me. Looks lovely, peaceful, easy going. Makes me realize I would play the heck out of a mailman, err, excuse me, letter carrier, sim. Especially one that had me traveling to contrasting locales: cities, lakes, mountains, islands, etc. Get on that, somebody!

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Looks pretty cool.  I like the artwork and at the same time...it's like I'm thinking this is old school at the same time.  Like that Saloon looks like it was made in photoshop, maybe its just me yet I feel like I'm seeing some polygon imagery here.

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On 4/7/2022 at 8:26 AM, pro_cow_tipper said:



Pleasant little game.  Very easy and the missables are mostly shown on the map.


Shame that the driving doesn't use the adaptive triggers and the game is so short, because the gameplay loop is pretty enjoyable.

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