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Difficulty: 2.5/10

Playtime: 10-12 hours

Enjoyment: 9/10


This is not only the best (and probably only?) game to use the four seasons as a game mechanic since Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, but probably one of the best indie games I've ever played. Like, umm, ever. I've held off on writing this post because I can't quite eloquate my experience in a satisfying way... and I still can't! So I'm not going to.


Suffice to say, as an artistic vision it's near flawless in both concept and execution. It captures the atmosphere of each season visually and aurally, in a way only barely heightened beyond reality. The story is surprisingly touching, and plays out on a pleasantly minimalist scale that still left me with time for rumination.


Even when the controls proved a little dated and creaky, it was hardly ever bad enough to mar my experience. The trophies didn't ever get in the way of the game, and I never even needed a guide as hanging around in the seasonal world looking for flowers to grow was nothing short of pleasant.


TL;DR: I loved it and I shall surely play it again someday. That in itself is a rarity for me to say about any game, let alone what seemed like just your run-of-the-mill indie platformer. A bit of a modern classic if I may be so bold. If you're looking for a breath of fresh air (of varying levels of temperature) amongst the hubbub of modern "AAA" gaming, look no further.

I got the platinum for this myself recently and also quite enjoyed it.  Didn't really understand the story in all honesty as it kind of mostly went over my head but a solid game as far as the lesser known indie games go.  In my case I did need a guide for the bird singing trophy and to mop up a few of the flowers I'd missed plus I was a bit mystified at first with the fireflies puzzle.  The changing seasons to solve puzzles gimmick was very well done though as you say.    


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:platinum: #379 -  Path of exile




               Obtained every trophy.


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