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Dr_Mayus' Video Game Picture Trivia


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7 is Okami

I guess a guy with the Xenoverse plat would know this one :P


1 is Silent Hill

yes :D


3 is Two Worlds

That is not the answer, but that totally could have been. Since you guessed twice I will give you the point for Goldeneye and #3 is still open


4 is Golden Eye 007

Well that didn't take long to break 1. Only 1 guess per quiz. I don't want one person coming in and saying all the answers as then no one else gets to play.

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The best I can come up with for #2 is The Evil Within, I don't think it's correct though because it seems too symbolic and less straightforward like some of the others.


Btw I think this a good game to have on the site, I hope you find time to create more of these Mayus! Maybe even getting others to help or share input into what puzzles others could guess.

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