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IGC For September 2018.


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This is honestly insane, I am not a fan of Destiny at all but I am happy for all the people that want it to be getting it. 

Sony is trying to show that losing Vita and PS3 is not a bad thing after all. Lets hope they send them away like this too. I hope they step up everything before canceling the service on those 2 platforms. 

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13 minutes ago, SunnyCrappyYT said:

PS3 & Vita are trash like usual. I hope they'll go all out with these in the final month, but I doubt it.


Foul Play was actually quite a bit of fun, Sparkle 2 was great to kill time on the bus, and Another World is a classic - though I can see anyone younger than 40 might disagree. The only thing I mind about them is... already owning them all! :P

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They going to release alot more DLC to Destiny 2. They will milk that out now since it will be on Plus. Other than that God Of War 3 Remastered is great. One of the best games that is Remastered on the PS4. Again garbage stuff on the Vita and PS3. Free is free i guess.


Nothing for me this month as i own almost all the games already besides Destiny 2 (witch i won't play untill all the dlc is finished).

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Putting Destiny 2 on the store shortly after making a trophy unobtainable for a season, that'll sure help with making the platinum rarer. Either way, I can't say I'm interested in any of the games that will be there, but it is a good month for PS+ considering God of War III Remastered is up there, maybe the PS3 God of War games should have taken the spot of the shitty ones that are on the list right now. 

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6 minutes ago, AndresLionheart said:

Doesn't Destiny 2 have paid expansions? Because that would make it a demo more than a full game. It's like if WoW was free but only vanilla, which there is nothing to do at endgame. Also, it may mean that the Plat is locked behind a paywall, I remeber people complained about that stuff before.


There's still endgame in the base game, there's plenty to do. And no, the plat isn't locked behind a paywall.


But the essence of your post is right, it is basically a glorified demo to try to push people towards the dlc. Even outside of plus the game is basically free since the game + the dlc's costs the same as the dlc's. It's a smart business move.

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