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Sound Shapes servers closing down!


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found this on true trophies


UPDATE: Ask PlayStation UK on Twitter have confirmed that cloud sync for Sound Shapes will disappear after the 15th, meaning that you will not be able to instantly attain the stackable Platinum trophies across the three versions but instead have to fully complete the game three times:


https://www.(URL not allowed)/n16098/server-closures-playstation-allstars-moved-to-the-15th-sound-shapes-15th

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15 minutes ago, Cleggworth said:

My inner trophy whore is asking if we can get the last two stacks to autopop them before the deadline...


Mine, too, but it's less asking than hysterically laughing, pointing, and mocking at the thought of me having time to play through even once in the next 11 days.

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22 hours ago, Kittet3 said:

That's really sad to hear. You think it wouldn't cost too much to keep the cross-save between platforms. 

It costs money, but when a game doesn’t perform well anymore shutting down the servers is the only way to make up for the loss. 

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