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PS Rewired now has a custom server as well


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24 minutes ago, Richtoon said:

Pacific Rift online got revived for 2nd time and it was by PS Rewired. It is open source not private servers. Custom match is fully working, no crash after race and you will go back to lobby without freeze the game unlike to other server PSORG who revived MSPR first but not working properly. Causal and Ranked aren't work yet, I hope soon! So, all DLC online trophies are now obtainable with custom match!


PS Rewired DNS (primary) (secondary)

PS Rewired Discord: https://discord.gg/VfeuF6ZWVb



Until the Leaderboard Rules give the explicit permission, any trophies earned in custom servers will be flagged:



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14 minutes ago, Ghost-Zeus514 said:

Even if is open Source?

I think they mean, if the custom server isn't approved and currently permitted by the Guidelines it will be flagged. Not like there isn't any possibility for it to be exempted in the future, but for the time being it hasn't been analized and/or determined if the server has malicious code or modified trophy conditions. So nobody could know until then if someone using this servers earned the online trophies legitimately or not.

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39 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

The conundrum with this situation is if these servers were to be considered and be approved, we now have an unapproved server and this potentially approved server and figuring out which server was used would be an impractical mess.

I still think it's great people are figuring out how to code and get these servers running.


Just wish someone could do this with Portal 2, as the coop challenges were really fun. 


Actually, it'd be cool if someone could look into Weekly Toro Station and/or Mainichi Issho.

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5 hours ago, mekktor said:

I don't see how that's any more of a conundrum than figuring out whether or not trophies were earned legitimately for games that are still online. The default there is to assume everything is above board as long as the timestamps are legit. There's no reason that shouldn't apply to this situation too.

I really appreciate your optimistic view on this situation. I really hope no one goes taking advantage of it and ruins it for others. 

34 minutes ago, Richtoon said:

That’s PSORG not PS Rewired. Ask devs on PS Rewired on their discord I’m sure they willing happy to prove that their servers are open source 

Can you just ask where their repo is freely accessible and post the link here to show that it’s open source? 

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36 minutes ago, diskdocx said:

As it stands there are probably custom servers for games that still have the original servers running.

I get your skepticism of my post but you’re not skeptical enough to look into this claim or yours?


I can’t find any examples of custom PlayStation servers for games that are still open so the comparison at this point in time is moot. 

Like I said above, I appreciate optimistic view of the situation, but to not even consider all ramifications is to move forward in ignorance. 

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On 25/12/2022 at 9:25 AM, diskdocx said:

As it stands there are probably custom servers for games that still have the original servers running. You can’t possibly know this, and short of flagging every online trophy in every game, there comes a point where you just have to let the rigid line bend a little.

I think the difference is that although many games have custom servers, these are the minority and the amount of people that play using those servers is also a small amount.


In the case of Motorstorm absolutely every player earning trophies would be using custom servers so it's impossible to detect who's cheating. Also, people that change the DNS of their console to get trophies aren't exactly going to play fair when it comes to them.

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