Take a journey back to your 1st 10 platinums!

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Assassins Creed II - 


uDraw Instant Artist






Killzone 3



Tomb Raider: Legend



Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat



Red Dead Redemption



The Walking Dead





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#1 Virtua Tennis 4 (Vita)

#2 Silent Hill 3 HD (PS3)

#3 Motorstorm RC (PS3)

#4 Motorstorm RC (Vita)

#5 Metal Gear Solid 3 HD (Vita)

#6 Metal Gear Solid 3 HD (PS3)

#7 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)

#8 Gravity Rush (Vita)

#9 Sleeping Dogs (PS3)

#10 PDC World Championships Darts: Pro Tour (PS3)


As you can see, I have two stacked trophy lists amongst my top 10. Some real gems in there too. Really enjoyed Sleeping Dogs, Gravity Rush and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


My only regret is that Metal Gear Solid 3 wasn't my first platinum as I consider that to be my favorite video game of all time, on any console.




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1. SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection: Started out with an easy one. At the time I only wanted one platinum, something, anything, didn't matter what it was, I just wanted one. I wasn't aiming high in the beginning :lol: 


2. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: And then I wanted more than one. The game itself is easy enough, despite a decade passing since I'd last played it I didn't have any problems...except for the kerotans. I missed one on my first playthrough so I looked it up and discovered I'd missed one in the tunnels underneath Grozny Grad. So I begin a second playthrough, found it, shot trophy. I finally got it toward the end of a third playthrough and after three playthroughs in three days it'll probably be another decade before I play this again. It was fun as hell blasting my way through the game with the patriot the third time round though. 


3. L.A Noire: Had to play the entire game again because I didn't get a single five star rating on my normal playthrough a few months previous. I didn't mind a bit though, one of my favourites.


4. The Walking Dead: Finally gave in to the peer pressure from my mates and bought this. I bought it for the story but the platinum is a nice bonus. 


5: Heavy Rain: I could've done this earlier than I did because I'd thought it'd be pretty boring, it actually turned out to be one of my most fun platinums exploring the different endings. The awful voice acting made it even better. JAAAAAAASON. 


6: Skyrim: My favourite game of all time. I didn't even mind when quest givers died and the game glitched out, forcing three restarts from scratch. I'll take any excuse to start a new character. 


7. Gran Turismo 6: I never actually intended to get this since I'm usually bad at driving games but I took encouragement from the 20 odd trophies it threw at me in the first couple of days. Then I got one gold medal in the license tests I thought to myself, no matter how long it takes eventually I'll improve to the point where I can get a gold in every test or just luck out. I remember S4 taking around eight or nine hours over two days before I finally managed to hit the two hard rights toward the end of the track without hitting the cones or flying off the track, the worst part was trying to keep my composure afterwards through the final two corners. I thought I had braked too hard going into the final turn and fucked it but I made it by the skin of my teeth. 


8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD: I spent the first few hours trying to remember that I couldn't do half the shit I was allowed to in the more recent games. The projectives mode was great fun, it didn't really feel like the original until I got to that part for me. I could've done without the big head survival trophy though, that took a good few hours before I found a way to keep up with my aging reflexes. It was a pretty hard lesson that I'm not as fast as I used to be. 


9. Assassin's Creed II: Didn't have any of the grindy or difficult trophies that the previous two did so it was a nice break and a chance to take it easy, didn't actually realize how easy this one was at the time, made even better by how good a game it is. 


10. Batman (Telltale): Like the Walking Dead, I played this for the story and wasn't bothered about the platinum at the end since it needs little effort. I'll be buying the sequel when it's released since I really enjoyed it. 

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Not the most avid trophy hunter but,

1. Fallout: New Vegas : this vas very fun even though the game ran slow all the time. Difficulty (4/10)

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 : probably the most difficult plat to date and it was the 2nd one I earned, challenge list is tough. (Found out later this plat is unobtainable now, glad to have mine) (8/10)

3. Minecraft : ... (2/10)

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 : easier cod a lot more forgiving than mw2 but generally easy. (6/10)

5. Fallout 3 : enjoyed Fallout NV had to do this one, impressive franchise. Surprisingly less buggy than NV. (4/10)

6. Far Cry 4 : have not played any of the other yet, but this was fun and easy. (3/10)

7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 : Spec Ops was really tough in this one kicked my ass at times the campaign is just unfair as well. (7/10)

8. Call of Duty: Ghosts : aside from the hate it wasnt that bad, extinction mode was fun. (5/10)

9. Sly Cooper and the Theivius Raccoonus : kind of embarrassed I found the boss battles at times difficult... (3/10)

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops : I did a lot of Call of Duty... This one was fun and had a tough campaign. (6/10)


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Ok; here's my list ^^


1/ Dante's inferno (easy platinum, but hardcore 100 percent; and to my opinion, still one of the best games on ps3)

2/ God of War 3

3/ Gran turismo 5 (ouch, this one made me suffer a lot; i remember going to work without sleeping some days because of this gold trophy haha^^)

4/ God of War

5/ Final Fantasy XIII (nice game; but very long farming at the end, prolly more than 200 hours)

6/ Fifa world cup 2010

7/ Rayman Origins

8/ Fist of the north star Ken's rage

9/ God of War 2

10/ SSX


So yeah, a pretty decent list to start trophy hunting i guess^^.


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My first 10 platinums are:


1. LEGO Batman 3 (PS4)
2. Murdered Soul Suspect (PS4)
3. Game of Thrones (PS4)
4. Wolf Among Us (PS4)
5. The Walking Dead (PS4)
6. Infamous Second Son (PS4)
7. Tales from the Borderlands (PS4)
8. Life is Strange (PS4)
9. Grim Fandango (PS4)
10. Terminator Salvation (PS3)


Bought the PS4 February 2015 and the first games I played were LEGO Batman 3, Infamous Second Son & Infamous First Light, Murdered Soul Suspect, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Batman Arkham Knight, The Evil Within, and Assassin's Creed Unity. Didn't really start trophy hunting until October/November 2015 though. By the time Life is Strange and the Telltale Collection were on sale, what explains the rest of the list. Grim Fandango was the first game from PS Plus and Terminator Salvation the first PS3 game (bought the PS3 along with TS and Assassin's Creed 2 in January 2016).


If I only had started sooner, but I mainly played on Nintendo consoles and XBox 360, before I finally switched to Sony.


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1. Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus

2. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time
3. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
4. Ratchet and Clank
5. Rayman Legends
6. Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
7. Jojo Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
8. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

9. Saints Row The Third
10: Final Fantasy XIII-2


Fun times. Being a R&C fan, the newer versions and especially Into the Nexus were the deciding factor for buying the system, so i made sure he was the first one. Back in the day i was in a job on a really bad shift, getting home 23:00 too tired to play anything. The day offs for the 2014 World Cup games gave me time to get the first two plats.
Basically, Rayman Legends was the only challenge of the list, had all the reasons to drop, but i got completely hooked in the game, and after 4 months of daily dedication i took the prize.


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#1 - Fallout: New Vegas, Platinum Trophy, 5th Jan 2012. The PS3 launch was just awful enough to make me give the 360 a go instead even though I didn't really care about Microsoft's first party games. Eventually Sony got their shit together and I picked up a PS3 mid-gen, along with New Vegas, which turned out to be my first plat. Enjoyed it, but probably would've enjoyed it more if the damn thing could go five minutes without crashing.

#2 - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Platinum, 5th Feb 2012. Came bundled with the console. Had a good rep and it was a Naughty Dog game, so I figured it was a safe bet. I was half-right. Really liked the characters but everything else I found average. It was easy and straightforward enough to keep me motivated to complete it though. Two months, two plats. Man, trophy hunting is easy.

#3 - Dark Souls, The Dark Soul, 7th May 2012. Feet status: back down on earth. My introduction to the Soulsborne series, went as smoothly as you'd expect. I ended up writing a playlog of sorts in a comedic tone in a forum me and a couple of mates hanged out in back then. People tell me it was actually pretty good but they probably just wanted me to keep going so they could point and laugh. Don't care, saw it through.

#4 - God of War III, King of the Hill, 11th May 2012. Eeeh. First game on my hall of shame. Meaning I didn't like it that much but I finished it anyway. Because I obviously have nothing better to do with my time. Looking back I sure don't feel like the king of the hill.

#5 - Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland, First-Rate Adventurer, 20th Jun 2012. Still one of my favourite JRPGs from last gen and a plat trophy I'm actually proud of. It's not really difficult of anything but I suck at games with time management and you really have to manage it carefully here, not much room for error. I was on the top of the world again.

#6 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Platinum, 31st Jul 2012. I thought it looked much better than the first and for once I was right. Copypasted trophy list was a bit of a disappointment but halfway in I didn't even care anymore. Nice game, easy but satisfying plat.

#7 - inFAMOUS 2, inFAMOUS 2 Platinum Trophy, 18th Oct 2012. My dumbass little brother fell for Sony's siren song and got a PS+ sub, meaning I ended up not paying for that bullshit but playing anyway. Profit. I enjoy sandbox games and you can't go wrong with lightning powers so I picked this up. Awesome game, gladly played through it twice for the plat. Second Son sucks though.

#8 - Motorstorm Apocalypse, The Big One, 16th Nov 2012. I'm not too big on racing games, but I do enjoy a bit of arcade-y physics-defying driving once in a while. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Even finished the multiplayer trophies and in my case, that's really something.

#9 - Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, 4 Play, 26th Jan 2013. *sigh* I don't know why I even played this, let alone finish it. My brother apparently actually liked it (freak) and wanted to co-op, which caused me to develop some weird strain of opossum-related Stockhold Syndrome which got me the plat before going away. Was Ratchet even supposed to be an opossum? I keep forgetting. Just have it in your name like Crash, loser.

#10 - Resident Evil 5, RESIDENT EVIL 5 Platinum Trophy, 16th Feb 2013. Oh, this one was awesome. The circumstances I mean. Not the game, ew. I had actually finished the game before on the 360 and I thought it was... well, decent. So when the game showed up on IGC I didn't really care at first. Then I noticed it was actually the Gold edition, DLC included. Back when I played it on the 360 I thought Lost in Nightmare or whatever looked pretty nice, but never got around to buy it. So I downloaded it on the PS3, only to find you had to progress quite a bit into the game to unlock the DLC. I was a bit annoyed but I knew the game so I just went with it. The rest... well. "Eh, I've played this far I might as well finish it." "Hm, I could probably pick up a few more trophies real quick." "Only a couple left for the plat, wouldn't take that long." One thing led to another and I ended up completing a game I thought it was average not once, but twice. The kicker? I completely forgot about the DLC. It's OK, I obviously have nothing better to do with my time.


What a ride (what a dumbass). It wasn't even that long ago but it kind of takes me back.


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1. Metal Gear Solid V

2. Until Dawn

3. Uncharted Remastered

4. Uncharted 2 Remastered

5. Uncharted 3 Remastered

6. Heavy Rain

7. Beyond Two Souls

8. LA Noire

9. Uncharted 4

10. The Last of Us

I didn't realize I had finished my 10th platinum right after my 1 year anniversary on PSN. It's funny cuz I just finished my 20th platinum in time for my 2nd anniversary. I guess I know my approximate pace.


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All but 1 of mine are PS3


1. Hyperdimension Neptunia

2. Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2

3. Hyperdimension Neptunia V

4. Final Fantasy X

5. The Witch and the Hundred Knight

6. Drakengard 3

7. Battle Princess of Arcadias

8. Hyperdimension Neptunia PP

9. Borderlands

10. Project Diva F


Hyperdimension really pulled me into trophy hunting. I think it was my third game for the PS3 and I have been addicted to them ever since. I know the first Hyperdimension was a miss with a lot of people but it holds a place in my heart for my first Plat and I actually really enjoyed it.


Loved this thread though! Very interesting to see how far I have come and I thought most of these plats I got wayyyy later down my career, but here they are in the top 10 xD


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Before trophies I used to complete games anyway, although mostly Nintendo ones. I borrowed a friend's Xbox 360 because I wanted to play Tales of Vesperia and I loved the messages popping up when I did certain feats. It was later added on PS3 as the trophy system we now know. Anyway, lets go back 7 years:


Honorable mention: Prototype - Did most of the difficult stuff but dropped it when I realized collecting the 500 thingies was a mess when you already have a bunch done.

1) God of War 3 (PS3) - I don't remember much other than it being super easy excapt a certain room which pits you against 2 dogs. On Titan mode I had trouble there but then I remembered there was this crazy berserk mode that I didn't use for the whole game.

2) Tales of Xillia (PS3 JP) - Dark times when Tales games weren't being released in english. This one was super easy, even not understanding a word.

3) Sonic Generations (PS3) - Doing the last boss without getting hit took a few hours because the controls were pretty bad. Other than that its an easy one.

4) Tales of Graces f (PS3) - Difficult without a guide. Lots of missable stuff. Good thing is it doens't require 100% of everything, more like 95%. I always remember when I bought this game because this was the first Tales to be released in english since Vesperia on 360. The day I bought it the biggest storm I have ever seen happened around my area. It caught me driving on my way home and I had to turn back t my friend's house cause it was making trees and electric posts fall down (an electric wire actually hit my car. Although it was the rubber part that did). Streets were pitch black, lots of water everywhere and other cars trying to find where to go. It was the first time I got to experience what actual fear is, and I don't  want to feel that ever again. The day after electricy was out around my area and it was like that for 2 days. I went to my sisters house because I was dying to play.

5) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (PS3) - Easy one thanks to the removal of online multiplayer stuff from the second game.

6) Prototype 2 (PS3) - Easy and fun one. Like the first game but without the bullshit trophies.

7) Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland (PS3) - This one is an oddity. Somehow I got invested in this game. Low bugdet with lots of repetitive stuff to prolong the gametime. The platinum can  require several playthroughs unless you follow a guide (in which case you can easily do all in a single playthrough).

8) Tales of Xillia (PS3) - The only plat I have twice. Even easier now on english.

9) Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3) - The easiest plat I have. It has a "play for 30 hours trophy", I had to leave the game running for like 10 hours because I was done with everything already. It only had a few annoying trophies due to having to get S ranks in boss fights.

10) Persona 4 Dancing All Night (Vita) - I was on a trip to the US with my mother. Bought a used Vita because I wanted to play Tales of Hearts R. Bought this game along with it to have something to test it with. Pretty easy and fun plat (when the characters shut up and let you play...)


Definitely a japenese heavy list, leaning toward RPGs, mostly. Lately I have only played japanese games. Western games are usually less interesting to look at with their "realistic" approach to graphics and stuff, that always turns me away from them.

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I've only just recently started taking trophy hunting seriously this year so the ones on Ps4 are more recent. Mines



Sly 3-I pretty much did this one by complete accident I wanted to unlock everything in the game.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD collection- Same as Sly 3, I got addicted playing this all one winter break in high school played it for 3 days straight nonstop. 

Sly 1

Sly 4

Naruto Storm 3- This one was me just trying to perfect and get S ranks on everything, not a difficult platinum, but I'm surprised I didn't get a little bored with the story.

Kingdom Hearts- This and KH 2 are some of the games I'm most proud to have the platinum trophy for, I love these games to death.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Sonic Generations- Took 5 years for me to get this simply because I didn't want to do that stupid boss trophy where you can't get hit. I went back managed it, and completed it that weekend.



Final Fantasy XV

Senran Kagura Estival Versus 




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1. Minecraft - The first Platinum I knew I could manage

2. Assassins Creed 2 - Loved playing the game

3. GTAV - Had no internet for a bit so decided to collect everything

4. COD: BO2 - Favorite COD to date

5. COD: AW - Easiest COD to plat

6. COD: WAW - Grenades at War

7. RE5 - Easy game except for the part with the turret guns on the car

8. Uncharted 3 - Favorite Uncharted

9. GoW - Challenge 10 left me with numb hands at the end

10. GoW 2 - Favorite in the series


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Here are my first 10, all PS3:


1. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010

2. Fallout 3 - This was my first trophy game, and may have got the platinum quicker, but had no idea on how the trophy system worked. So I more or less finished the game, all the DLC and then went back to finish the rest of the main game alternate trophies ie reach level x with good, neutral, evil karma by starting a new game.

3. Fallout - New Vegas (lots of fun but tons of frustration at first (day one buy) until some of the patches tried to fix the problems)

4. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

5. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2

6. Apache: Air Assault

7. Final Fantasy XIII

8. Saint's Row: The Third

9. Metal Gear Solid 2

10. Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

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A lot of First person shooters, but I was surprised that Tekken 6 was in my first 10. I didn't remember going back to it so early. Though, I still question why I punished myself going through ICO as my second platinum! I should have played something easier to boost my confidence. That is still one of the very few plats that I have, but my brother does not! :P


1.Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

2. Ico

3. Quantum of Solace

4. Final Fantasy XIII-2

5. Call of Duty Black Ops

6. Resistance 3

7. Tekken 6

8. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale

9. Borderlands 1

10. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor's Legacy




4 rare

2 very rare

3 uncommon

1 ultra rare


I'm impressed with myself a little. I always thought my first platinums were easier than some of my later grinds.

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#01 1S57121c.png Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle


#02 1S0854f5.pngBleach: Soul Resurreccion


#03 1Sd4f6fe.png Saint's Row: The Third


#04 1Sd5a5ca.png Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


#05 1S6fc0c8.png Kingdom Hearts


#06 1Sceba85.png Darksiders


#07 1Sa5e45b.png Darksiders II


#08 1S501377.png Far Cry 3


#09 1S37e947.png BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND


#10 1S9e1f6e.png Asura's Wrath


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  1. Resistance: Burning Skies
  2. Sleeping Dogs
  3. Dragon Fantasy Book II
  4. Heavy Rain
  5. Lone Survivor
  6. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
  7. Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel 
  8. Alice: Madness Returns
  9. The Wolf Among Us
  10. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus 

Not a bad selection, if I do say so myself. All great games from before I became a bit of a trophy whore.. Even Resistance which was negatively received, made me go and buy the rest of them(still need to play 2 & 3, at some point). All PS3 and Vita games, as I didn't have a PS4 then. 


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Can't believe it's already been 4 years since I got my 10th platinum. 


Transformers WFC [best mp ever]

Transformers DOTM

Spare Parts 

Sonic Generations 

LittleBigPlanet 2

Transformers FOC 

Terminator Salvation 

Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection 

Littlebigplanet Karting

Sound Shapes 


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  1. Beyond: Two Souls | I played Heavy Rain on a friend's house everytime I went there, so I had to play this one when I got my own PS3.
  2. Tales of Xillia | I played some "Tales of" games on PSone and PS2. First thing I did when I got my own PS3 was getting this . Loved it.

  3. Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F | Just because it was a rhythm game, and I love rhythm games, but the game itself it's not so great.

  4. Saints Row: The Third | WOOOW HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THIS!? I NEED MORE!!


  6. Zone of the Enders HD Edition | Change is what the world awaits  Could that be peace or war?  The answer no one knows  Trusting the break of dawn  The blue bird flies away

  7. Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner HD Edition | Electric Boogaloo

  8. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE

  9. Freedom Wars | One of the reasons I got my PS Vita.

  10. The Walking Dead | Huh... not bad.

  11. (BONUS) DJMAX Technika Tune | I need to add this one. The main reason I got my Vita, the best in whole platform.


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Interestingly enough I didn't become a trophy hunter until Summer 2015, over two years since I made my account. I played a few PS3 greats that I wanted to play for years but never got around to them because World of Warcraft and pre EOC (Evolution of Combat) Runescape took up all my gaming time. I've gained a lot of trophies over the past two years but my trophy average is under 4.00 simply because of how old my account is. I would of loved to begin trophy hunting back in 2009 - 2010, but can't do anything about that now. Times have changed, more games continue to come out, you just have to accept and move forward.


Anyway, here is my first 10:


1. Assassins Creed II (August 2015) - Nothing spectacular, as it's usually a lot of people's first platinum. At least it was years ago because for a long while it was the ONLY Assassins Creed game that had no online. But because it was easy doesn't mean it was bad. I really enjoyed this game. Ezio, while initially a bit of a showoff and a ladies man at the start, quickly grew on me. I saw part of his family get murdered, I climbed the various landmarks in Firenze and Venice, the open world was well worth playing. The story was solid, as Ezio took down Templar after Templar until he fought against Cesare Borgia. The ONLY bad thing were the feathers, with no way to track them via the in game map, I had to consort a guide. But apart from that, Assassins Creed II was fun. Currently my third favorite game in the series, after Brotherhood and Black Flag.


2. God of War: Chains of Olympus (September 2015) - I have played God of War I, II and III prior to playing Chains of Olympus. But this was the first game in the series I earned a platinum in. This was probably one of the easiest games in the series, but the story felt rather lackluster. Among the enemies Kratos fought were a Persian and a female who wanted too much power. Graphics were a bit subpar, if only because this was initially released on the PSP. Still, Chains of Olympus was far from being awful, but it falls a bit short of more established titles in the series.


3. God of War III (September 2015) - Quite possibly one of the goriest games I've played in recent memory. Kratos, with full intentions, desires to kill every God on Olympus for being denied to let his past demons go. He spares no mercy as he gouges out Poseidons eyes, engages and kills off Hades in a monumental battle, punches Hercules until he goes unconscious and dies, rips off Hermes legs, and pummels Zeus until a thousand gallons of blood are sprayed on the screen. There is lots of blood to be had and Kratos doesn't shy away from having buckets of blood spilled on his body. Until the 2016 E3 event, we assumed that this would be one of the last, if not the last adventure Kratos would partake. Hopefully the writers will shed some light on the events that happened between this game and the new game, set to release next year in 2018.


4. God of War II (September 2015) - This game follows the events of the first and follows Kratos on his adventure to kill the Sisters of Fate, this time with the help of the Titans. God of War II addressed the concerns people had with the first game, notably the lack of bosses and a challenging Challenge of the Gods. Thankfully there are plenty of bosses here, from the Sisters of Fate themselves to a large gorgon, to fighting both Theseus and Perseus. The Challenge of the Gods is much more forgiving as it saves your progress, preventing you from doing them all in one sitting. Overall a solid game, and definitely an improvement as it was one of the last notable PS2 titles to be released.


5. The Order 1886 (November 2015) - The first Playstation 4 game I completed. While not perfect, I actually enjoyed it. A third of the game was cutscenes, a third walking from one area to another, and a third was fighting the lycans and rebel humans. The game was short, a few QTE sections were pointless, there are bad collectibles, but for the price I paid (under $20) I enjoyed the 5 - 6 hour adventure they gave up. I can only hope however that Ready at Dawn studios is going to give us a proper sequel that lengthens the gameplay, gives us skippable cutscenes, and actually has us giving a damn about the story. While enjoyable, there's really no point in going back in playing The Order, since it has really no replay value.


6. Wolfenstein The New Order (November 2015) - One of the best efforts I have seen in what looked to be for a while, a dead series. Machine Games did a great job with this title, giving BJ a bit of personality and likeness to him. The story is surprisingly good, showing us BJ and his reliance on his fellow friends to take down the Nazi regiment in Europe. Although for much of the gameplay, you're on your own. BJ is literally a Nazi killing machine, and he does it quite well by himself. Always fun are the duel wielding weapons, that never gets old and I always appreciate the developers when they implement that into the game. Gory like God of War, but quicker paced. Well worth your while, and a good game to start playing right now if you're looking forward to Wolfenstein II The New Colossus.


7. Wolfenstein The Old Blood (December 2015) - Another Wolfenstein game made by the same company that gave us The New Order. The story is shorter, but we are given some challenges this time around. There are various throwbacks to the old Wolfenstein 3D game, which you must complete some levels in order to earn some of the trophies. The challenges are based on accuracy, how fast you finished them, how many headshots you've accumulated, and so on. They are not too difficult, but they can be a bit trying at times. I definitely enjoyed this Wolfenstein game. While not as great as The New Order in my opinion, it was a fun journey from start to finish.


8. Batman Arkham Asylum (January 2016) - The first Batman game developed by Rocksteady. And the first proper Batman game I've played in many years. The entire game takes place at the famed Asylum in Gotham. While that may not sound too exciting in comparison to scaling Gotham City, there is no shortage of bad guys to pummel and clues to discover. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill reprised their roles for this one, and they did an outstanding job. The Joker chatter teeth and Riddler collectibles were actually a bit fun to go after. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Killer Croc all make an appearance and play a part. The challenges were actually challenges. Took me a lot of attempts to tackle the combat challenges, but thankfully due to Youtube videos the predator challenges were fairly easy. A very good Batman game, and I'm proud to say I earned it's platinum.


9. God of War: Ghost of Sparta (January 2016) - Ghost of Sparta was the second of the God of War PSP games I finished. At times it was better than Chains of Olympus, but it still fell short of the greatness of the God of War trilogy. This title had a unique power that enabled Kratos to enhance his blades, and was required to bypass certain sections. This game was fairly easy, but the wraiths on Hard difficulty had me nearly breaking a controller. Unfortunately this is the only game that shows Kratos brother, who is given a small window before passing on. Overall, not a bad game by any means, but it is about on par with Chains of Olympus.


10. God of War (January 2016) - Ending this list is the game that started the entire series. I'm aware I finished these games out of order, but I played the story through before I became a trophy hunter. I first played this game at the age of 16 in early 2005. For a PS2 title God of War did not fall shy of expectations. It was fun, it was gory, it gave us a proper antihero. As I said earlier, the biggest issues were simply the lack of bosses and a challenging Challenge of the Gods. There are only three real bosses in this game, which I felt was odd considering that the rest of the games had a lot more of them. Battling a Hydra, an armored Minotaur, and Ares himself were not short of exciting. The Hydra set the stage for the excitement I had for this game. The challenges on the other hand, were definitely challenging. I think everyone knows how annoying challenges 5 and 8 were. Using a ballista to fire at circling enemies, and especially knocking off a bunch of Medusas was definitely annoying. Took a number of attempts to beat that one. The worst, and my biggest gripe with this game, is Challenge 10. The amount of frustration and effort for this one was very high, as rather than skill it was mostly luck based. I can't tell you the amount of times I nearly reached the other platform, just to have a Satyr grab me and throw me off the platform. Again and again and again. Finally I beat the challenge, and got a gold trophy out of it. I was balls enough to do the same thing again on the Vita version, which was even more frustrating due to the lower framerate and how the Vita controls were. But God of War is definitely worth playing, though it may not hold up as well today.


So that's all 10 games I finished as my first platinums.

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#1 Burnout Paradise -28th Sept, 2008

#2 Call of Duty: World at War - 23th Nov, 2008

#3 Dead Space - 18th Jan, 2009

#4 Prince of Persia (2008) - 31th Jan, 2009

#5 Need for Speed Undercover - 13th May, 2009

#6 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (PS3) - 19th May, 2009

#7 Killzone 2 - 11th June, 2009

#8 Unreal Tournament 3 - 23th June, 2009

#9 Rock Band 2 - 28th June, 2009

#10 inFamous - 11th July, 2009


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1. Bloodborne

2. Far Cry 4

3. Destiny

4. The Order 1886

5. Infamous Second Son

6. Infamous First Light

7. Sound Shapes

8. Rocket League

9. Transistor

10. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


9 of them being PS4 plats, only one being a PS3 plat (Sound Shapes). To this day I'm still proud to have Bloodborne as my first plat, which I got way back in April 22nd 2015.


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1. Dead Space (Missing Timestamp but I think I earned it around Middle of November when it came out that year)

2. Resident Evil 5 19th Mar 2009

3. inFAMOUS 6th Jun 2009
4. Prototype 16th Jun 2009

5. Resistance 2 30th Jun 2009

6. Batman Arkham Asylum 30th Aug 2009

7. X-Men Wolverine 23rd Sep 2009

8. Uncharted 1 11th Oct 2009

9. Uncharted 2 17th Oct 2009

10. Call of Duty World at War 23rd Oct 2009


Looks like I had a kick ass list from the jump.


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My first 10 were actually PS3 Games 


#1: Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010

#2: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

#3: Telltale's The Walking Dead

#4: Saints Row: The Third 

#5: Mafia 2 

#6: Megamind 

#7: Saints Row IV

#8: Jak 2

#9: Jak 3

#10: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus


Not the best first 10 but I didn't really get into Trophy hunting until I played Saints Row: The Third and Mafia 2 in 2013.




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My first 10 were all PS3 games.


1. Terminator Salvation

2. Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

3. Burnout Paradise

4. Dante's Inferno

5. Infamous

6. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops

8. Skyrim

9. Singularity

10. Battlefield: Bad Company 2


I remember thoroughly enjoying all of these except for Terminator Salvation.  


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