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What is your first priority in trophy hunting?


What is your first priority in trophy hunting?  

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  1. 1. What is your first priority in trophy hunting?

    • Completion percentage
    • Amount of games played / completed
    • Amount of trophies earned
    • Leaderboard ranking
    • Rarity or quality of trophies
    • Thematic collecting / Game sets
    • Maintaining a steady quota of trophies (per month / per year)
    • Other (write a comment)

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Quick survey!


As the poll says, I'm interested in knowing what people are interested in the most when hunting trophies. Take the poll, but if you can, please also rank these options from most important to least important. 

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I'm gradually trying to change my approach, but it's not easy with my personality. For the longest while it has been completion percentage, now I just want to play every game I have in my backlog - although it's an internal battle with no outright winner. My aim is for my completion percentage to continue to drop and to care less about trophies, it was 99.68% (maximum it could be due to server closures on 2 games), now it's 82.39%. I envisage it going down to around 50%.


It seems daft now having 100% completion on around 30% of my collection and never experiencing the other 70%. I still have 152 games in my backlog, that's my target.


I've therefore voted for Amount of games played / completed as my first choice.

Second it would be Rarity or quality of trophies. I like a challenge, walking through a game with minimum effort is rarely memorable (unless the game is meant that way like Life is Strange for example)

Third would be Completion percentage (battling for 1st place)

Ranking years ago meant very little, but now nothing due to the waves of easy 6 stack platinums. I'll leave that battle to those with too much time on their hands.

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1 hour ago, sephiroth4424 said:

Completion % while playing games i like. From time to time i also try to drop my average rarity %


I’m pretty much exactly the same.


I only ever buy games I think I’ll enjoy (though I do download free PS+ games, and often don’t enjoy those), then complete them to 100%. Length/difficulty is irrelevant in my purchasing decision, I’ll play a game regardless of whether it’s long/short or easy/difficult, as long as it looks enjoyable. 


Also with regards to rarity, I do like when my average goes down. But I won’t buy a game purely to bring down the percentage (though I will often choose games from my pre-existing backlog which have rarer trophies to play next). And a high average completion won’t put me off buying a game, though it may get the game moved back a bit on my list in terms of when I’ll play it.

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I will play the games I love or really find interesting, if I don't like it, I'll probably get one or two trophies and end it. I'm a collector and having a full trophy list in a game has never been a priority for me. I like to sample, but if I like a game I will have a laser like focus and get every single trophy. 

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1 - Maintaining a steady quota of trophies (to keep my profile alive and to remain motivated)


2 - Completion Percentage (I worked very hard to have my overall completion at 80%, so I don’t want to lose my progress)


3 - Rarity or quality of trophies (I try to keep my profile decent)


4 - Thematic collecting/Game Sets (it’s nice to have certain series fully completed)


5 - Amount of games played/completed (again a matter of completion, but also of diversity)


6 - Leaderboard ranking (I check this once in a while just for fun)


7 - Amount of trophies earned (not important, as long as I keep it steady)

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Mine is pure enjoyment of the game now. I've never been a hard-core trophy hunter as you could probably tell by my completion percentage and platinum count. There have been times when I've played games purely for the trophies, NCIS game comes to mind. But now I'm at a point where if I'm not enjoying the game or it feels like a chore to play it I put it down and move on. I enjoy my trophies, but not that much.

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All of the above for me in reality. But priority wise, mostly for the Plats and the sense of completing a game in it's entirety to me. I think most well designed trophy lists do a good job of steering players towards playing in ways outside of their comfort zones or towards seeing most of a game's content. Completion percentage is a very close second as I am working on making this profile a 100% one.

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1. If it's a game I really wanna play then I do not mind about the trophies. So enjoyment stands above everything.

2. But when playing games simply for trophies (happens from time to time), I look up the trophy list and if there's too much ultra rare stuff in a game that I think I won't enjoy long anyway I tend to stay away from these games. Because when I play them I also want 100%. An example in my list would be Hustle Kings... I'm one of the lucky few to have 100% in on PS4. That may looks great but getting there was a long grind which not only took many many hours but also luck. It surely was no fun and it was the crazy devil in me pushing me there. Looking back I can say I wish I'd never started that damn game. 

3. Optional DLC and the price for the full package are also a factor. The 100% thing again. But thanks to a very long backlog catalog, I'm in a luxurious position which allows me to simply wait for a game/goty to drop in questions about the price. 

4. Some things just never will enter my list, like Hanna Montana or Bibi & Tina bullshit. These are what I call "baby games" I would feel ashamed for. (Damn! I already have Doki Doki in my list, which also is a baby game. Yes I feel ashamed for that one :D)


PS: I really don't mind the leaderboard or maintaining a steady quota of trophies, this is to hardcore for me. There are some guys out there who take the trophy hunting way more serious than I do.

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26 minutes ago, tjoe1bkhjtqxm said:

Amount of trophies earned.


I don't care about 100% (more than 900 games played and more than 12k unearned trophies lol)

Same here, if I earn 1 trophy in a game and decide I hate it ill just quit pretty sure I have 1 trophy i  fallout 3 


Increasing my number of plats is nice too but I think leveling is more satisfying to me.

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2 hours ago, AffectatiousDonk said:

I noticed you missed a category for " game enjoyment " 


The title of the poll refers to trophy hunting specifically, not playing in general. If you are hunting trophies for the enjoyment of the games, a possible option to choose is "games played".

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