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Chapter 5 The Race Discussions


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14 minutes ago, Oo_pommes_oO said:

even if you get third, you fail the mission. 
I play on the classic difficulty 

It's possible. But quite hard. It was like this in the original game too. Nice to know they didn't change it.

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22 minutes ago, communistwookiee said:

There's a reason why I've been checking these forums less and less lately, and it's definitely the increase in bitching threads lately.

Only lately? Where have you been the past 3 years :P

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I'm a little relieved to hear that, actually. I don't remember much from this game aside from it being my gateway drug into '30s jazz (specifically, Maestro Reinhardt) and the race mission stuff making me rage quit the game for 15 years and counting ?

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45 minutes ago, ttplatti said:

play on easy and last round before finish line change to Classic difficulty easy trophy same "Completed the game on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty" and "Completed the game on Classic difficulty"

 u dont need 2 PLAYTHROUGH

You screwed up your chance to get the Classic difficulty if you did that. You can't switch the difficulty at all while playing Classic, or it voids the trophy. Yes, you can still get the "Completed the game on Easy, Medium, or Hard Difficulty," but you won't get the Classic difficulty, if you changed the difficulty settings.

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The ways I will approach this as i’m hoping to milestone the game, are;


1. Attempt it and get a feel for what its about first hehe.

2. If it proves tricky, awkward or whatever, then usually with difficulty spikes, I naturally want to try and beat it, so it will be a rinse a repeat process and knowing me, this will be a given.

3. I’m going into this having never played it first time around, so I have some knowledge and awareness of the trophy and its requirements, so naturally this will help.

4. IF it proves to be a real stumbling block for me and is a ‘plat breaker’ as they say then yeh, i’ll be frustrated, BUT, I can always leave it and go back to it with a fresh mindset and try again? It could be the classic negajinx moment where you can’t see the wood for the trees and then bam, you nail the trophy either a few hours/days or wks later first time!


I always go off the fun>frustration approach in games and I will always try them if I want to play the game, but for the sake of a trophy as annoying as it can be if they are tricky or maybe out of reach for me, i’m ok with it and I move on.

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