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2 hours ago, Jalok- said:
:platinum:#346: Awesome Pea
|Fun:5/10 || Difficulty 3/10(Skill dependent) ||Time: 1-3 hours|
This game just like Super Meat Boy i'd say mini version of it
it's not that hard some levels a bit tricky need little bit practice to pull it off,trophy wise it's straight forward just get all coins beat the level without dying. according to Psnprofiles I'm 2nd in the world to achieve the platinum :P


I was really questioning if it was as easy as Jack n Jill looking at the trophies. Some of the descriptions made me say "Ok, there has to be some catch somewhere". Glad to see they went for a PROPER GC color scheme, instead of an GC emulator color scheme.


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Platinum #4 Code:Realize Banquet of Rainbows 

So happy to have this plat now because i love this game so much. 


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