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Difficulty: 5/10 | Platinum enjoyment: 4/10 | Game enjoyment: 7/10 | Plat rarity: 6.20%


Somewhat crappy game from the PS2 era mixing Zelda and typical 3D platformer, but fun nonetheless, especially if you like games with "funny animals". Game also has surprisingly excellent OST with japanese vibe. Easy/normal difficulty was enjoyable and while it offer only simple story and gameplay (it's game for a kids anyway), it kept me entertained until the credits.


However, second playthrough on nightmare difficulty and a guide (no chapter select possibility) was a gigantic chore and I don't know how I managed to pull it off (actually I had to abandon game for 2 years to have enough sanity to finish it). Every bad aspect of the game you could turn a blind eye to, here will come back to haunt you, like bad camera, lame dialogues or very patience-demanding fights where button mashing takes you nowhere as almost every enemy blocks your attack and requires tricky approach. Still not the nightmare, as the name could imply, but can make you shout from frustration.


This is the platinum which I wouldn't want to approach again. I completely understand platinum rarity as the game doesn't look appealing, has missable trophies and shitty hardest difficulty. From the PS2 platformers which lingered in shadow of Sly, Ratchet and Jak, I'd choose Ty the Tasmanian Tiger over Legend of Kay.


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Coffin Dodgers




I don't know why but I was expecting this to take longer than 5 hours to Plat. I'm in such a gaming bind right now...with a week to go until Borderlands 3 gets here, I'm not trying to start on anything big and extremely engaging because ALL my focus will be on BL3, and I don't want to end up having to push something I've been trying to find something that will last me about a week. I thought FFXV was going to take longer...but that only took a few days once I hit Chapter 9 and everything became linear. This I expected at least to have to play for a couple days....but it was extremely quick and easy.

Overall with this...I feel like they had a cool idea wrapped in an EZPZ execution. It's a very simple and bare bones kart racer. It's fun, but there's not much to it. And like I said, it's super super there's no real challenge.

Guess instead of trying to play something within 6 days, I'll just focus on 2 more shorter games, that way I can probably Milestone BL3 at Plat 175.

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Direct sequel to Asdivine Dios, adds an extra layer to the events in Dios.  Good game, very easy platinum.  It's the easiest Asdivine in the series which isn't saying too much, but you could plat it in a day if you really wanted to.


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