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10 hours ago, Rafi_004 said:


How long is it my friend?


It depends on how you decide to approach it, following the platinum walktrough on PST would be the most optimal route, that's what I did and took me about 12 hours reading all the text.

However, like I mentioned in my post, I lost one flawless service bonus so I had to do another full playthrough which took me maybe 3 hours skipping everything, so yeah, that's up to you.


(I'm talking about VA-11 Hall-A for anyone interested)


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Platinum #11

'Hardcore Gamer'

Riddled Corpses EX


Maybe the best game under $5 on the Vita and PS4 right now. It's a great twin stick shooter, and a moderately easy Platinum.


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10 minutes ago, Elvick_ said:

After getting 100% in the game [with a few misc trophies left] the framerate really died for some reason and I had to close the game and reopen it which fixed the problem. No idea what that was about, just thought I'd mention it.


I had this problem too. I found that any time I backed out of the game to check the trophy list or something, switching back into the game made the framerate chug until I restarted the game.


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On 15‏/8‏/2019 at 2:24 AM, ScarecrowsFate said:


Bleh, bleh, bleh!

:platinum:  #199 - Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard


I'm completely unfamiliar with the franchise, but couldn't resist a fun and easy platinum. This title certainly met those criteria, despite having the flaws you'd expect to find in a licensed kid's game.


The biggest problem is the total lack of an in-level map—you can only view the map when on the cruise ship, between timed excursions to the game's three islands. Coupled with the claustrophobic, isometric camera perspective, this can make navigation a real headache. What a puzzling design choice! It doesn't help that the player character tortures you, by endlessly repeating the same voice lines as you wander about.


I've heard the gameplay in HT3 is similar to Pikmin, but I've never played that, so I can't comment. In any case, you command a small army of four different "Impa" creature types in an RTS fashion, each with unique abilities, to defeat enemies and solve simple puzzles. Unfortunately, they tend to get stuck on the environment and disappear, especially on the final island. The control scheme is also pretty clunky, and makes recalling each type of Imp to your side a chore. There's no challenge to speak of, either: once you find a few upgrades, your little monsters annihilate everything. It's still pretty satisfying to sic your horde on the limited enemy varieties, though.


As simple and repetitive as it was, I nevertheless found this jaunt to another platinum quite relaxing and enjoyable, for whatever reason. I'm really glad I got over the need to have only "hardcore real games" on my profile a long time ago. In the past, I would've have been irrationally embarrassed to play stuff like this, and would have missed out on a lot of interesting games as a result.


From beginning to end, my total time was 3 hours, 27 minutes (1st place). I don't know how I managed to be the fastest achiever for 3 platinums in a row, but it'll probably never happen again!


I was the other way around, used to be a junkie for movie tie-in games, good or bad I nearly played everyone of them on the NES, Sega Genesis, ps1, ps2.


each time I'm getting older I started to realize that they're kinda cheaply made just to cash-in for the movie it's going after, I could rack up some serious easy platinum trophies, 5 to even 10 in one or two months with these games especially on the ps3 which had a lots of them, but I stopped buying these games since the ps2 which the last movie game I ever got was Coraline and dear god it sucked 😅


the game ran at like15FPS i don't know, maybe it's trying to mimic the stop-motion of the movie or something.

and it's textures was like it came from the N64 era by mistake.


and since I stick'd to my promise I never looked at them ever again, though I kinda regret it from time to time nowdays as I really liked some of the newer ones at the time, don't know if it's good or not but I liked the Toy Story 3 game on the ps3 and I'm a sucker for cutesy 3D platformers and I heard one of the Disney's Cars games on the ps3 was really fun and I decided to no longer buy these games.


X-Men Wolverine on the ps3 I played it by force where a friend of mine visit me one day and intentionally played it on my account wanted me to check the game out saying it's a really good game, and once I played the first chapter I liked it really quick, I watched some reviews at the time and everyone is giving it a really good scores and reviews, one reviewer called it the Simply the Last Very Good Movie Licensed Game Ever!


i'm planning on getting the Ghostbusters Remaster since I don't consider it a 100% movie game, they just have the license of the characters and the universe and made a stand alone game of it, I played the ps2 version but never got the chance to play the ps3 version as I didn't have a ps3 back then.


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