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Petition to Make Mayo Easier

Walt the Dog

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9 minutes ago, Crimsonfire44 said:

1f602.png1f602.png This ranks up there with the petition I saw sometime last year to add trophy support for Netflix and Hulu. 



Haha, I learned recently that Xbox has (EDIT: had?) these (Netflix example). IIRC, they don't contribute to gamerscore, so they're kind of "bonus" achievements. I don't think PlayStation has a similar thing, so I'd hate to see trophy support for Netflix or Hulu myself.

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Funny thing is that when I read the title of the thread, I read it as a petition to make "Mayo Eater" ? (ya, it's better that I get some sleep..).


But in truth, now people seam to request trophy requirements to be lowered everytime they find that the platinum in a game that they like is somewhat hard.. really a joke...

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