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Julius Caesar 

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 

Ezio Collection

Close behind is Revelations.


Up next:

ACIII Remastered

AC Liberation Remastered

AC Unity

AC Syndicate

AC Origins


I Hope to finish all before the release of the next assassins creed 




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:platinum:#292: Platinum hero



Easy plat. Again, done mostly to pretty up my Common Platinum collection.





:platinum:#293: Master of the Classics



Fuck old arcade games.


YES YES, I KNOW, these are classics that paved the way for bigger better things, but seriously, fuck these clunky controlled cheap ass difficulty relics from the past. It's a badass looking platinum, but that's all.





:platinum:#294: The Completionist



After 3 months of procrastination, I finally did it!


It's a pretty fun game, one that isn't hard as long as you do what RPGs are known for; taking some time to grind up to get stronger. And I mean that too, invest a little time in your students and school, and in no time flat, you'll be dominating everything. A few tricky trophies here and there, but that's where fantastic guides like this come into play!


Props to the writers; if by chance you frequent these boards, you have my thanks!


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