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:silver: ...It :silver:

Earn three stars on all Survival stages on the Crushing setting


All in all, wasn't too bad once I got a good team going, but definitely one of the (if not the) most challenging trophies I've yet to earn.


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Wandering Fighter 
Increased your fame to 100,000 or more in Conquest Mode.


night update: getting to 100k is the easy part. getting to 1 million is the hard though i still have alot of hex squares to complete and i can always turn up the difficulty to hard or chaos. continuing with the game tomorrow.


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51Lf86159.png The Truth Will Out         55L813cd0.png Wolves for Lambs


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28 minutes ago, Sergen said:

Grand Theft Auto V

Masterminds (Silver)
GTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist.






Here it is, the dreaded trophy from the most recent DLC on Grand Theft Auto V. This trophy requires you to complete all heists as two, three and four players on hard with no players dying with the same crew. This right here is certainly one trophy I can rank among my most difficult. I did the trophy with @Potent_Delusions, Smithy_Reborn_86 and Tello_beast_1, the latter hardly use this website or don't have an account. Now there are people who were making speculations about what is required for this trophy and I can debunk two theories now...


Theory #1: The trophy unlocks if you do the Four Player Challenge first... That is incorrect, Smithy currently has the three and four player requirement done and does not have this trophy. 


Theory #2: There is a Criminal Mastermind challenge tied to each act, so you only need to do the entire heist once to get the trophy... Another incorrect theory, you need to do all three acts three times each with three different stipulations (2 players, 3 players, 4 players). 


The minimum of money required just to have the opportunity to host the heist is $2,250,000 because you need to become a CEO and you need to purchase a Facility. Getting the cheapest facility means you are furthest away from most objectives, only Act 2 benefits from the cheapest facility location. After doing the two player requirement with the cheapest facility, I bought a $1,670,000 facility which was in the middle of the map, this was the one we used for the three player requirement as a base of operations, it was decent but Smithy then bought a $2.9million facility for when we did the four player part and that one was incredibly close to the city which made most of the preps and setups simple to travel from, reducing the time to complete the heists. 


Everyone in our team used the Heist: Heavy Combat Outfit with a Bulletproof helmet and we all shot the majority of enemies with a Combat MG and took advantage of bringing an Armoured Kuruma to objectives and shooting from within it. Shooting inside the Kuruma makes you pretty much impervious to damage, but it only works for outdoor objectives, you also need to do a lot of close-quarters objectives. 


You really need to approach with caution, one death will cause insane rage. It takes around 10 hours per run of the entire heist, but you're bound to fail along the way. 


Me, Smithy and Potent all really no-lifed it today, staying up all night and playing it for around 20 hours straight, we really wanted to get shit done today and I don't regret it. 


Me and Potent_Delusions are the first listed achievers of the trophy on this website:


The trophy was also at 0.0% on PSN when we unlocked it, so we're probably first. 


Me, Smithy and Potent only recruited the fourth player after we got the three player requirement done, because if you start with 4 people, you actually need to abandon one person in the team to do the three player requirement, which obviously wouldn't be fair to that person. 


We utilised our strengths accordingly while going for this, I am a bad driver but a great pilot on the game, so for the majority of flying sequences, I flew the plane/helicopter but in any driving circumstance, Smithy or Potent drove. We are all decent at shooting on the game, but it is highly recommended to get headshots ASAP because enemies really seemed to take MANY shots to kill if you shot their chest or something, the enemies are incredibly buffed up. 


The heist format here also tries to add some competitive gameplay to the heists, by way of making every delivery you do in preps visible to people in the public lobby and preps require you to play in public lobbies. Luckily getting killed by a random in a prep doesn't count, the description also states that it is only "setups and finales" that affect the challenge, the counter just includes preps because they're part of the All in Order requirement which is part of that particular challenge. 


The payout for each Criminal Mastermind is minor, it definitely pays less than the previous one, I got around $1.5million for each Criminal Mastermind I fulfilled and I got some money from setups and finales, in the end I managed to get over $8million on the game, which I will likely be saving for any future DLC. 


It is also worth mentioning that the game does not balance the difficulty based on how many people you are playing with. When you play with two people, you are required to do the work of four people, like in preps you need to collect four of a vehicle that you'll only end up using twice in the setup/finale. More people in your lobby makes it more doable to finish the heists, but of course you need to play as two people which is BS. Me and Potent are quite experienced at playing GTA together, since we fulfilled Fly the co-op on GTA IV plenty of times before playing this game together and helped some people achieve that trophy in the past, just not on as big of a scale as someone like Profbambam55. 


I also need to get the Elite Challenges trophy, but nothing there suggests that you need to play on Hard, so we'll be playing on Easy, I haven't really tried to fulfil those requirements yet, Criminal Mastermind was definitely the main thing to worry about. 


I hope this won't be a trophy in future updates of the game, it is really a trophy that could break friendships. 


I also wrote the post with no sleep, so if I made typing mistakes, I apologise. I'm just very glad to have this done. 


Huge congratulations to you and @Potent_Delusions both for being the first to do this. Truly a great feat, especially when you’re working off of your own knowledge. 


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2 hours ago, Sergen said:

*Deleted Post*




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Wrong thread.

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5 hours ago, Dark said:


Huge congratulations to you and @Potent_Delusions both for being the first to do this. Truly a great feat, especially when you’re working off of your own knowledge. 


Thanks @Dark, much appreciated.


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Just got myself another two for one although I will admit this playthrough was my hardest this time around (mostly since clothes get ripped off so much easier) I still need to play it on the 2nd hardest difficulty (Gamer) lol (and final route)


Your Idol Alone



Game Otaku



and sorry to ask but can anyone tell me how to do this properly I'm not that techy (sorry and thanks if anyone can)

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