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First look: PlayStation 5’s next-generation user experience

Aranea Highwind

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Looks amazing, pretty interesting stuff, i’m surprised how much they have innovated and specially improved on simplicity and speed.


It’s really tedious and slow to join party chats and now is boom, join, don’t even need to go out to the menu.


The objectives cards and being able to watch quick videos right there is pretty cool stuff too, and useful.

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My initial impressions is that the new UI is a very thoughtful, easy-to-use format, with new functional features available for everyone.  


My personal favorite features are:

1. No more typing a message!  Just hit the mic icon on the keyboard and talk!  Hopefully this feature will be less frustrating and more helpful but I'm excited.

2. The new Activities and progress cards in game on the Control Center.  Also, the Control Center itself is a nice touch to reduce time.

3. Approximation of game time left on a particular level.  I realize this feature is available on a game-by-game basis but if the feature works well, more and more developers will use it.

4. The layout itself looks fantastic!  Looks to be easy to use, easy to navigate.

5. Picture in picture with ease to join friends.  I don't think the picture-in-picture feature will be used by most of us after the initial excitement wears off but it's a cool feature to include.

6. Not suspending a game and jumping right into another is not a sexy feature but one everyone will appreciate and will never look back once you enjoy the ease and speed of it.

7. The card reference with the trophy % was very nice and a welcome update to see!


As more info is shared, I'm really getting excited for launch.  Less than a month ago I really didn't have a sense this launch was going to get a lot of hype but now I'm really getting excited for launch day!

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Lots of the new features to like, particularly the PiP screen sharing, play-time ETA's, trophy tracking. But I too think the cards look really cluttered. I also much preferred having a home screen that was minimal and then you pan down to expand things like game info, rather than having the game info being permanently on the home screen itself. I love my Ghost of Tsushima theme so I'll a bit disappointed if they're no longer a thing.

Also disappointing that it looks like the party changes are here to stay too. Also why didn't they show the media tab or actually go into the store? Bit of a missed opportunity there.

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Looks like the game is not pausing in bachground after pressing PS-Button . Not that it matters much but some games/trophies/speedruns actually benefited from this "system-pause" . Looks ok , but i hope you can remove or sort some of these cards . The spoiler screenshot feature could be useful .


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That trophy progress tracking system and the objective tips are gonna be a game changer for everyone on this forum. Don't care about the share/create functions personally, the overall UI and loading speeds got me super excited though. However, i'm still gonna wait for a price drop/interesting bundle to buy this console in a year (or maybe two).

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"One final piece of good news. We're firm advocates of game preservation at Digital Foundry. We believe that when you buy a physical game, you should be able to install and play it offline. The code on the disc matters. PlayStation 4 will always let you run that code, patches are never mandatory except for totally online titles - and Hideaki Nishino says that the same is true for PlayStation 5. Not being able to run the disc code would be "out of the question". There will be a PS5 Digital Edition, of course, but beyond the brand new bells and whistles with the new UI, it's good to see that the commitment to the physical disc is still there for those who stick to the standard console."


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