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Play at Home 2021 update: 10 free games to download this spring


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Just now, Baker said:

Very nice. I’ll grab The Witness & Thumper.

You can download all these 10 games on March 25th? Or is it spread out across multiple weeks?

Everything but Horizon will be available on the 25th. 


This amazing selection of PS4 games and PS VR games will be available for free download from March 25 8:00pm Pacific Time to April 22 8:00pm Pacific Time.


But there’s more to come later this spring. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will be available for free download between April 19 8:00pm Pacific Time and May 14 8:00pm Pacific Time.

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24 minutes ago, yowzagabowza said:

Moss and Thumper would be the games I'm interested in downloading but I think they both require VR? If not, I'll finally have a use for this promotion, haha.


I could be wrong, but I think Moss does require VR, Thumper doesn't.

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I already have HZD and, unfortunately, the VR games are useless for me, but I still think it’s such a kind initiative to give all these games for free! Congratulations to Sony and to all the devs giving their contributions! ?

 I will definitely try to check some of the games that I haven’t played yet and that don’t need VR.

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14 minutes ago, Gr4de_04 said:

I can really recommend Enter the gungeon to anybody reading this. I will admit the trophy list is somewhat challeging. But aside from 1 trophy (the one for the hunter quests) It's not grindy and a really fun game. All the DLCs are free and integrated as game updates.


Agreed, it's amazing game. Challenging but lots of fun.

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1 hour ago, DEI2EK said:




Starting March 25th you'll be able to download



Enter the Gungeon

Rez Infinite


The Witness

Astro Bot Rescue Mission



Paper Beast


Starting April 19th you'll be able to download Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition


But I have Horizon Zero Dawn already!!!!!


REZ Infinite and Subnautica are my Favorites. If I had VR it would be Astro Bot and Moss.

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